Companions is a game mechanic that allows to summon NPC as companions. Each companion has a summon catalyst required to summon them.

Summoning a companion doesn't have the limitations of regular phantoms, and they can be summoned on non-multiplayer areas (like the ones past the Giant Tower in the Undead Settlement or The Trial of Perseverance).

List of Companions

Companion Summon Catalyst
El Crabbo Crab Bait
Rocky Stick
Solaire of Astora Incense of Cooperation


  • Companion stats scale depending on the game Location and New Game cycle.
  • The summon catalysts consume 500 FP on use and have unlimited uses.
  • Companions have no time limit.
  • They are affected by buffs (i.g. Sacred Oath, Lothric War Banner, etc.)
  • Using the summon catalyst again after a companion is already present will beckon them next to you and fully restore their HP.
  • If a companion dies, area reload is necessary to resurrect them.

Information here is accurate for version 1.74.

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