Companions is a game mechanic that allows to summon NPC as companions. Each companion has a summon catalyst required to summon them.

Summoning a companion requires to be in Lord of Cinder Mode like regular summons, but they can be summoned on non-multiplayer areas (like the ones past the Giant Tower in the Undead Settlement or The Trials).

List of Companions

Companion Summon Catalyst FP Cost Duration
Alfreda Opus of Foresight 150 60 seconds
Bazdulk Opus of Demons 250 30 seconds
El Crabbo Opus of the Crab 50 300 seconds
El Hueso Opus of the Tomb 75 120 seconds
Erekris Opus of Divinity 100 30 seconds
Farold Opus of Royalty 150 30 seconds
Father John Opus of the Deep 75 120 seconds
Gimbal Opus of Avarice 100 60 seconds
Metora Opus of the Congregation 150 60 seconds
Moxie Opus of the Rat 50 180 seconds
Praxos Opus of Allegiance 150 30 seconds
Rocky Opus of the Rock 75 120 seconds
Sluggo Opus of the Slug 50 300 seconds
Solaire of Astora Opus of Sunlight 100 60 seconds
Tazshi Opus of Crystals 250 30 seconds
Woof Opus of the Dog 50 180 seconds
Zarloth Opus of Loyalty 150 30 seconds

Companion Tools

These items affect companions and have unlimited uses.

Icon Name Availability Usage
Banishing-Coin.png Banishing Coin



Banish active companions from your world.

Inciting-Bone.png Beckoning Bone

Recall your active Companions, causing them to appear in front of you.

regenerating-phial.png Energizing Phial


Use to increase the Stamina Recovery of summoned Companions by 30 for 30 seconds.

invigorating-phial.png Invigorating Phial


Use to boost the damage of summoned Companions by 20% for 30 seconds.

rejuvenation-phial.png Rejuvenating Phial



Use to restore 20% HP of summoned Companions.

Ritualist Accessories

These accesories boost the stats of companions while the player has them equipped.


  • Companion stats scale depending on the game Location and New Game cycle.
  • The summon catalysts consume a varying amount of FP on use depending on the companion selected and have unlimited uses.
  • They are affected by heal spells and buffs (i.g. Great Heal, Sacred Oath, Lothric War Banner, etc.)
  • If a companion dies, resting at a bonfire or area reload is necessary to resurrect them.
  • Equipping the Ritualist Pact will remove the Ember requirement to summon a companion, and also allows to summon multiple of them.

Information here is accurate for version 1.92.

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