Companions is a game mechanic that allows to summon NPC as companions, summoning a companion is done by using the Opus of Rituals. Which companion is summoned depends on the area the player currently is in.

Companions can be summoned on non-multiplayer areas (like the ones past the Giant Tower in the Undead Settlement or the Memories).

Area Companion Summoned
Cemetery of Ash, Untended Graves Cathedral Grave Warden
High Wall of Lothric, Consumed King's Garden Hollow
Undead Settlement Hollow Manservant (saw and board)
Road of Sacrifices, Farron Keep Abyss Watcher
Cathedral of the Deep Cathedral Knight (mace)
Catacombs of Carthus, Smouldering Lake Black Knight (sword)
Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, Anor Londo Pontiff Knight (curved sword)
Irithyll Dungeon, Profaned Capital Wretch (spear)
Archdragon Peak Serpent-man
Lothric Castle Lothric Knight (sword)
Grand Archives Lothric Knight (spear)
Kiln of the First Flame Solaire of Astora
Painted World of Ariandel Great Wolf
Dreg Heap Harald Knight
The Ringed City Ringed Knight
Filianore's Rest Hollow Cleric
Memories Twisted Knight

Companion Tools

These items affect companions and have unlimited uses.

Icon Name Availability Usage
Banishing-Coin.png Banishing Coin



Banish active companions from your world.

Beckoning-Bone.png Beckoning Bone



Recall your active Companions, causing them to appear in front of you.

energizing-phial.png Energizing Phial

Use to increase the max Stamina of summoned Companions by 300% and their Stamina Recovery by 30 for 30 seconds.

invigorating-phial.png Invigorating Phial

Use to boost the damage of summoned Companions by 20% for 30 seconds.

rejuvenating-phial.png Rejuvenating Phial

Use to restore 20% HP of summoned Companions.

Ritualist Accessories

These accesories boost the stats of companions while the player has them equipped.

Ritualist accessories can be upgraded through Imbuement.


  • Companion stats scale depending on the game Location and New Game cycle.
  • The Opus of Rituals consumes 100 FP on use and has unlimited uses.
  • They are affected by heal spells and buffs (i.g. Great Heal, Sacred Oath, Lothric War Banner, etc.)
  • If a companion dies, resting at a bonfire or area reload is necessary to resurrect them.
  • Using the opus while a companion is present will refresh their duration.
  • Companions don't work in multiplayer.

Information here is accurate for version 2.06.

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