Chaos Servants


Emblem of the Chaos Servants, sworn to the
Chaos Flame.

Increases fire damage by 5% whilst worn.

Enables the collection of Fire Seeds from enemies.


Received by using the 'Form Covenant' option with Cornyx of the Great Swamp.

Starting equipment of the Pyromancer class.

List of Rewards

Reward Offerings required Souls Required
Soul of a Demon 10 Fire Seed 20,000
Soul of a Stray Demon 10 Fire Seed 40,000
Demonic Claw 5 Fire Seed 2,500
Demonic Skull 5 Fire Seed 2,500
Demonic Elixir 5 Fire Seed 2,500
Fire Gem* 3 Fire Seed 1,250
Lingering Chaos 5 Fire Seed 5,000
Old Sage's Blindfold 2 Fire Seed 2,000
Cornyx's Garb 2 Fire Seed 3,000
Cornyx's Wrap 2 Fire Seed 1,500
Cornyx's Skirt 2 Fire Seed 1,500

*Same unlock requirements as Item Forge.


  • Boosts Fire damage by 5% and all enemies have a 5% chance (affected by Item Discovery) to drop a Fire Seed whilst worn.
  • Areas where enemies constantly respawn (like the graveyard outside of the Cleansing Chapel bonfire) switch the covenant material drop rate to 1%.

Information here is accurate for version 1.87.

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