Changelog 2.14
# Journey Configuration
- Made the descriptions for each journey clearer and used common terminology between them.
- Added Onslaught Mode: gauntlet mode, but with Wanderer mode features.

- Adjusted Wanderer mode:
 - Each boss now grants both a baseline damage boost and an unique bonus based on them as a boss.
 - Progression is now represented via items called Boons, found in the key item category. These are what 'give' you the bonus for each boss killed in Wanderer mode.
 - Note that the effect is only given if you are in a mode that enables Lessons of the Wanderer.

# Achievements
- Sword and Board now only requires you not to roll or backstep.
- Changed the achievement detection for Sword and Board so it will only every fail if you roll or backstep.

- Added Master of Corruption achivement:
 - Enable Corruption.
 - Defeat every boss whilst Corruption is enabled.
 - Corruption is a mechanic you can enable in the sub-menu for this achievement
 - It causes all bosses to give you a "Malus of X" item, with each being unique to the boss. Similar to Scorched Contract from DS1.
 - Once the achievement is completed, all maluses will be removed.
 - You are awarded the Relic of Corruption upon completion.

# Weapons
- Changed the Lightning Stomp weapon art.

# Rings
- Relic of Corruption: Boosts all damage by 30%.
- Cursed Ring of Vengeance: upon taking damage, boosts damage dealt to enemies by 50% for 5 seconds.

# Spells
- Blood Orb is now transposed from the Soul of the Maiden.
- Added Tailwind: boosts movement speed by 20% for 30 seconds. Ascends into Lingering Tailwind, extends duration to 45 seconds.
- Removed the wall penetration of Slicing Wind.
- Tweaked Soul Wave's hit radius.

# Infusions
- Shield and Catalysts infusions now use Magical Essence to infuse/revert infusions.

# Items
- Renamed Infusing Essence into Magical Essence.
- Removed Smouldering Stone.
- Removed Degrading Essence.
- Devil's Trumpet: now boosts rolling distance by 100% for 30 seconds.
- Moonflower: now boosts jumping distance by 500% for 30 seconds.

# Merchants
- Marvelous Chester now sells:
 - Devil's Trumpet
 - Moonflower
 - Henbane

- Jiji/Old Hag no longer sells:
 - Devil's Trumpet
 - Moonflower
 - Henbane

- Andre now sells the following at a very high markup:
 - Every Gem
 - Shriving Stone
 - Magical Essence

- Greirat now sells:
 - Henbane

- Dragon Remnants covenant now sells:
 - Tailwind

# Bosses
- Cathedral Guardian:
 - The horizontal swipe attacks now leave a trail of floating holy mines that explode after 2.5 seconds, dealing very low damage but pushing you down to the floor.
 - The overhead vertical slams now emit wrath of the gods on impact with the ground.

- Fallen Protector
 - Added a visual effect to the teleport moves.
 - Changed the spells used by the Fallen Protector and the Fair Maiden to be blood themed. Unlike Blood Miracles, they do not inflict Bleed, only Dark damage.

- Mirror Knight
 - Changed the lightning to blue lightning.
 - The overhead vertical slams and two handed jump attack emit a thunder strike on impact with the ground.
 - His block and shield bash attacks can now deflect spells.

# Enemies
- Dragon Cultists now use the DS1 dragonform and use the flashier Caestus moveset for their punch attacks.

# Transformations
- Added Perspective Transformations:
 - Allows you to adjust your camera FOV and distance with Jiji.

- Weapon Emissions:
 - Added Pale Magic emission.
 - Added "Infusion" weapon emission for the right-hand.
  - The visual emission used will be determined by the infusion in the right-hand.

- Armor Transformations:
 - Added Dragonform (DS1) transform.

# Bugfixes
- Cleaned up old usage of the removed transformation items.
- Fixed the appearance of Tomb Raider Dyfan and the Dragon Cultists.
- Fixed Slicing Wind not working when casted from the left hand.
- Grufudd's Signet affix for +1 should now work correctly.
- Fixed Explosive Crystal Orb's name.
- Removed the failed achievements menu text mentioning reseting the achievement through absolution.
- Changed some on hit lightning visual effects to blue.
- Removed the loud noises of Slicing Wind.
- Fixed some item descriptions.
- Added the explanation menu text to curse for weapons and ammunition.
- Other stat menu text fixes.
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