Changelog 2.04
# Bosses
- Added a new boss in the Profaned Capital swamp: the Fallen Protector and the Fair Maiden
 - Drops Soul of the Maiden, which can be transposed into:
  - Blueblood Sword
  - Quicksilver Shield
  - Life Ring
 - The Quicksilver Set will appear in the swamp cave after they have been defeated.

# Map
- Changed the Church of Sin bonfire into the Swamp of Sin and moved it onto the wooden platform above the swamp in the Profaned Capital.
- Removed enemies near the Secluded Cloister bonfire.
- Removed the skeletons in the Shared Grave.
- Ringed City Streets and Shared Grave bonfires are no longer locked behind intruder kills.
- Moved Freya and the Moaning Knight intruders into rooms within the Shared Grave.
- Added Scribe's Retreat bonfire on the Cathedral of the Deep.

# Items
- Changed Bone Fragment item to Petrified Something.
- Changed the sources of Petrified Somethings.
- Added consumable: Titanite Fragment - Boosts poise by 50% for 60 seconds.
- Added consumable: Inferi Petal - Boosts damage against Undead by 20% for 60 seconds.
- Added consumable: Combustum Petal - Boosts damage against Demons by 20% for 60 seconds.
- Added consumable: Vindicti Petal - Boosts damage against Hollows by 20% for 60 seconds.
- Added consumable: Barathrum Petal - Boosts damage against Abyssals by 20% for 60 seconds.
- Added consumable: Celeritas Stem - Boosts casting speed by 30 for 60 seconds.
- Added consumable: Veloxi Moss - Reduces weapon stamina consumption by 25% for 60 seconds.
- You can now sell Estus Shards/Undead Bone Shards for 10000 souls.

# Weapon
- Reduced Frostfall INT requirement to 40.
- Reduced the damage of the Dagger/Paired Dagger category.
- Weapons with no innate physical damage no longer have the Lethal, Sharp, Blunt infusions.
- Weapons with INT/FTH requirements now adjust their requirements with the following infusions: Magic, Fire, Lightning, Dark, Enchanted, Holy.
- Adjusted the requirements for several weapons with INT/FTH requirements so they aren't so low (and therefore pointless as requirements).
- Added INT/FTH requirements to some weapons that dealt elemental damage but had no INT/FTH requirements before.
- Corvian Longstaff WA now changes which aux it inflicts if infused with Curse/Bleed/Frost.
- Added p0's torch VFX changes.

# Catalysts
- Catalyst infusions now require 1 Smouldering Stone, which is dropped like a gem from select mobs, and unlocked for bonfire forging upon reaching the Grand Archives.

# Magic
- Scattering Soul Orb now has an unique icon.
- Scattering Crystal Orb now has an unique icon.
- Orbs of Judgment now has an unique icon.
- Blizzard now has an unique icon.
- Removed the Ascended mechanic.
- Affinity/Wrathful Orbs/Homing Soulmass/Homing Crystall Soulmass now reduce absorption upon impact as their normal effect.
- Changed the Throbbing infusion to -10% spell FP cost.
- Increased the HP regen from the Vibrating infusion to 5.
- Added a new infusion: Laughing. This converts the catalyst into a LCK catalyst and halves the amount of INT/FTH needed to cast spells (the UI doesn't reflect this however).

# Ascension
- Removed the old system of spell ascension.
- Added Magician Quilon: he is a sorcery master and can ascend specific sorceries into new and improved forms. Found in Irithyll.
- Added the following ascensions:
 - Great Magic Shield -> Supreme Magic Shield
 - Farron Dart -> Homing Farron Dart
 - Soul Arrow -> Homing Soul Arrow
 - Soul Spear -> Homing Soul Spear
 - Crystal Soul Spear -> Homing Crystal Soul Spear
 - Soul Geyser -> Crystal Soul Geyser
 - Soul Stream -> Quickened Soul Stream
 - Crystal Magic Weapon -> Supreme Magic Weapon

# NPCs
- Boosted summoned NPC's base HP and gave them a damage/absorption boost when they drop below 50% HP.

# Covenants
- Thieves' Pact now drops various throwables (i.e. Firebombs, Throwing Knifes, etc).

# Bugfixes
- Dial of Obedience+5 will now work correctly.
- Fixed Dismal Knight/Champion Gundyr setting the wrong flags when defeated, preveting them from being respawned. (Requires NG+ to fix in existing save).
- Siegward demon kill should now be correctly registered by his scripts.
- Fixed counter frames reducing Dark absorption.
- Fixed Rosaria/McDonnell relationship dialogue.
- Fixed Master Benjin's dialogue in m40.
- Fixed Handmaid's Ladle infusion bug.
- Fixed Heavenly Relief applying twice.
- Fixed Slave Knight Gael's tome warp.
- Stone of Draconic Fire/Stone of Draconic Might now scale with Luck correctly.
- Tablet of Legends is no longer removed when you enter NG+.
- Using Rosaria's menu no longer spins you around.
- Andre should now give you Hawkwood's Swordgrass after praying at the Dragon Altar in Archdragon Peak.
- Hawkwood should now give a Heavy Gem in the quest stage he used to give a Titanite Shard.
- Fixed DebugAnimSpeed issue with Harald Knight
- Fool's Sigil should now work correctly.
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