Changelog 2.03.1
# Bosses
- Kills after the first kill of a boss now rewards less souls.
- The first kill of a boss no longer has a chance to drop Primordial Fragments.
- Increased the first kill soul reward for several bosses.

- Player now has -30% absorptions in PVP, which should make it less of a slog.

# NPCs
- Reduced easy stagger duration for hostile NPCs to 3 seconds.
- Poise hits don't build up while in the stagger state, so it will be harder to constantly keep a NPC staggered.
- Reduced the damage output of NPCs.

# Map
- Removed the Smouldering Rubble wall obstacle.
- The Sandworm that dropped the Smouldering Rubble now drops the Physician Ring.
- Added Abyssal Greatsword drop to a Darkwraith in Farron Keep.

# Treasure
- Crows now take Bone Fragments, and will reward an Ember, or rarely a ring, weapon or piece of armor.

# Bugfixes
- Aborr no longer sends phantoms home when he is triggered (however if they are outside they won't be able to enter).
- Companions will no longer climb up ladders.
- Path of the Dragon gesture puzzles in Archdragon Peak should now work correctly.
- CTD in the Ringed City should be fixed.
- Fixed Irithyll's chest not being setup correctly.
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