Changelog 2.03
# Companions
- Removed the different forms of companions, there is now one companion in each map, summoned via the Opus of Rituals.
- Added Imbuement system for the companion accessories. You now upgrade them with Ritual Incense.
 - Dial of Obedience: increase companion duration to 90/120/150/180/210/250.
 - Offering of Might: increase companion damage by 20/40/60/80/100/150%.
 - Offering of Tenacity: increase companion absorption by 10/20/30/40/50/60%.
 - Offering of Fortitude: increase companion poise by 25/50/75/100/125/150.
 - Offering of Vitality: increase companion HP by 25/50/75/100/150%.
 - Offering of Devotion: grants companion 1/2/3/4/5/6% HP per second.
 - Offering of Fervor: grants companion 30/40/50/60/70/80 stamina recovery.
- Reduced the price of the offerings and tools.
- Removed ember requirement for summoning.
- All companions now stay for 60 seconds by default.

# Mechanics
- Removed the Trials.
- Added Memory of Skeletons: a swarm based challenge where you need to survive as long as possible. Every minute you gain +10% soul absorption. You can return to the Overgrown Sanctum at any time via the bonfire in the arena.
- Changed the NG+ multipliers: NG+ cycles should be less brutal.

# Bosses
- Removed Furious Lizards boss.
- Increased boss absorptions.

- Frostfire Colossus:
 - Adjusted HP.
 - The Colossus will remain inactive until both the Frostfire Clerics are killed
 - Colossus is now immune to damage until both the Frostfire Clerics are killed.
 - Odessa's Crystal now boosts Fire absorption by 25% if possessed while in the Frostfire Colossus fight.
 - Frozen Chaos Essence now boosts Frostbite resistance by 50% if possessed while in the Frostfire Colossus fight.
 - Reduced the poise and stamina damage of several of the Frostfire Colossus attacks to more reasonable levels.
 - Adjusted the stagger types on various Frostfire Colossus attacks so fewer attacks cause punitive staggering.
 - Disabled the Blizzard VFX during the Frostfire Colossus fight due to excessive FPS loss and reduced readability it causes.
 - Reduced the HP regen to 5 per second while it is active.
 - Changed the regular spinning orb attack into a frostfire breath attack instead.
 - Moved the sapping orb spawn location close to the floor so it isn't unfair to melee players.
 - Made the sapping aura less punitive.
 - Removed the additional bullets that appear after slam attacks.
 - Reduced the amount of Frostfire pillars.
 - Reduced the HP of the summonable Outrider Knight.

- Dismal Knight:
 - Changed Dismal Knight back to the Mace and Greatshield style.
 - Increased Dismal Knight HP to 2000.
 - Added new dark themed moves instead of the miracles the Cathedral Knight has
  - Vow of Agony
  - Affinity
  - Dark Blade weapon buff

- Sister Friede:
 - Increased poise to 30. This is to make it harder to stun-lock her from a distance, whilst allowing most normal weapons to stun her as normal.

- Twisted Knight:
 - Reduced the damage of the Twisted Knight occult energies spell.

- Herald of Winter and Enraged Greatwolf 
 - Found in the Depths of the Painting.
 - Drops the Soul of the Herald, which transposes into:
  - Sacred Chime Hammer
  - Rampart Golem Lance
  - Wretched Pendant

- The Rock:
 - Increased the damage of his moves significantly, but made all his moves 25% slower.

- Mirror Knight
 - Increased the speed of all his moves by 10%.
 - Adjusted the moveset selection so the chances are different from base DSA.

# Enemies
- Reduced the drop rate of gems from Red Crystal Lizards.
- Added 'fake' poise system for hostile NPCs that simulates the normal poise system enemies have. Each NPC can take either 1, 3 or 5 hits within 7 seconds, after which they will always stagger on subsequent hits until the hit timer expires.
- Removed the small Red Crystal Lizards.
- Made the big Red Crystal Lizard a normal enemy: found in Irithyll Dungeon, Profaned Capital, Consumed King's Garden, Lothric Castle and Grand Archives.

# Weapons
- Hex catalysts now cast all schools. This should prevent the left-hand spell buff issue.
- Changed Repeating Pistol so it is now a faster version of the Hunter's Pistol, but slightly weaker per shot.
- Reduced the stamina and poise damage of the pistols heavily.
- Increased the FP cost of sidearms slightly.
- Changed the Sacred Chime Hammer WA to use the bell chime animation and sound. Reduced the number of bullets spawned.
- Added in Lost Cat's moveset changes:
 - Changed firearms pistol sound
 - Added alternative Scythe moveset for Scythe of Nahr Alma/Bone Scythe
 - Tweaked Beast Cutter moveset
 - Added moveset for Gargoyle Halberd/Tail Axe/Bident
 - Lothric's Scythe fix
 - Backstab fixes
- Adjusted the speed, stamina usage and damage of the Twinspears of the Forlorn.

# Infusions
- Increased the on-hit effect of the Magic/Dark infusions.

# Spells
- Emit Force - Ascended effect: increases projectile speed to 40 m/s.
- Reduced emit rate of Snap Freeze and buffed the Frost inflict.
- Soul Geyser: FP Cost to 80, INT req to 60, damage to 150.

# Items
- Boss souls can now use the 'Use Selected' option.
- Removed the ash items. Everything they used to unlock is now unlocked via lighting bonfires or defeating bosses.
- Brightbugs now last 60 seconds.
- Lizard Hide is now dropped by Crystal Lizards. It can be crushed to gain souls.

# Treasure
- Overhauled treasure placements throughout the game.
- Changed the crow trades back to specific item trades.

# NPCs
- Lapp now moves after you pickup the Royal Knight Set in Dreg Heap.
- Horace the Hushed now gives the Blue Sentinels covenant again.
- Changed all the new dialogue to use the vanilla talk system (albeit without voice).

# Map
- Removed the Freezing Mist in Irithyll.
- Removed the Dragonrider in Irithyll.
- Renamed Grand Archives Roof bonfire to Throne Ascent
- Added Grand Foyer bonfire in Lothric Castle.
- Reverted the door change in Ariandel Chapel.
- Changed the Irithyll Warp to Ariandel so you appear below the bridge.
- Added a crab secret to Catacombs/Smouldering Lake.
- Moved the Giant's Tower bonfire into the basement of the tower and renamed it to Tower Basement.
- Boreal Outrider Knights now respawn (their unique loot is still one-time drop however).
- Added a new Boreal Outrider Knight in Irithyll.
- Filianore's Crown gesture puzzle now requires the Prayer gesture.
- Added two-way warp from Dunnel's Respite room to the Frostfire Colossus entrance, so you don't have to drop down the branches everytime. You must awaken the Frostfire Colossus atleast once before you can use the warps however.

# Bugfixes
- Fixed Secluded Cloister bonfire apperance.
- Fixed several Hexes not using spell buff when in the left hand.
- Removed some leftover DebugAnimSpeed events
- The save and quit crashes in Lothric Castle and Archdragon Peak should be fixed.
- The crash when entering Ariandel should be fixed.
- Mirror Knight should now drop its soul reward
- Fixed Eleonora's WA effect
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