Changelog 2.02
# Weapons
- Sidearms now use FP instead of durability.
- Sidearms now pause FP regen.
- Increased the damage of Cannon and Church Cannon.
- Increased the base damage of Stock and the Aux infusions, so the damage output gap between them and the other infusions isn't as massive (was 30%, now ~15%).
- Changed Dragon Greatsword, Dragon Bone Smasher, Dragon King Greataxe and King's Ultra Greatsword back to normal scaling weapons.

# Mechanics
- Changed Base FP regen to 8.
- Stat effectiveness curve changed to {1:0%, 40:60%, 60:80%, 90:90%, 99:100%}
- Increased the initial HP to 500 (was 100) at 1 Vigor.
- Stat effectiveness curve for Magic damage via Sorcery catalysts changed to {1:0%, 40:60%, 60:80%, 90:100%, 99:120%}
- Stat effectiveness curve for Dark damage via Hex catalysts changed to {1:0%, 40:60%, 60:80%, 90:100%, 99:120%}

# Bosses
- Changed Aborr's arena: it is now the raised area on the side of the path to the Giant's Tower.
 - He is now triggered when you open his personal chest, causing him to appear and his arena to block your exit, starting the fight.
- Changed Aborr's Enrage to +20% absorption and +20% damage (was +50% absorption).

# Enemies
- Reduced the HP of several fodder enemies.

# Map
- Knight's Rest bonfire is now available by default.
- Moved the Pursuer to small courtyard before the Winged Knight courtyard in High Wall.
- Grand Archives Rooftop bonfire is now available by default, and has been moved to the start of the stairs on the route to the Twin Princes.
- Added a new bonfire called the Secluded Cloister to the Cathedral of the Deep, near to the Cathedral Guardian area.
- Changed the warp from Irithyll -> Ariandel to use one of the paintings in the Silver Knight room in Irithyll.
- Added a one-way warp from lower Irithyll to Anor Londo, accessed by the Gwynervere painting in the Silver Knight room in Irithyll.

# Menus
- Added Reinforcement option to Andre, telling players of its absence.

# Bugfixes
- Fixed incorrect shield stability multipliers.
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