Changelog 2.00
# Reinforcement
- Counter damage is now only boosted for thrust.
- Removed the concept of Reinforcement. All weapons are now improved indirectly by leveling the suitable stats needed to boost scaling.
 - Old saves will still have the reinforced weapons present, they will have the stats of +0.
 - All reinforcement material sources have now been changed to gems or other suitable items.
 - Primordial Fragments still exist, they are only for Affixing now.
 - The stat effectiveness curve has been made more extreme, so later levels in a stat are more valuable.
- Adjusted enemy health to account for the new weapon damage.
- Adjusted boss HP to account for the new weapon damage.

# FP
- FP regen is now more plentiful, making it act like a slower form of stamina.
- Focusing Crystal has been removed.
- Spell FP pause is now varied across the different spells, between 1 to 10 seconds for normal spells, 15 for most utility, and 30 for heals and very good utility spells.
- Weapon usage pauses FP regen for 1 second, and WA usage for 10 seconds.

# NPCs
- Removed instant staggering against for NPCs other than the Painting Guardians.
- Intruders are now triggered earlier and are more aggressive about hunting down the player.

# Bosses
- Changed the Morne's Armor enemy into a proper boss: the Cathedral Guardian.
 - It is found in the plaza area before you enter the Cathedral of the Deep proper. You have to defeat it to progress forward.
 - Drops Soul of the Cathedral Guardian, which can be transposed into:
  - Morne's Great Hammer
  - Morne's Ring
  - Med Heal

- Changed the Mirror Knight enemy into a proper boss: the Mirror Knight.
 - It is found in the upper archives area in the Grand Archives.
 - Drops Soul of the Mirror, which can be transposed into:
  - Thorned Greatsword
  - King's Mirror
  - Lightning Stake

- Added Aborr boss:
 - Found in the Undead Settlement.
 - Drops Soul of Aborr, which can be transposed into:
  - Runic Seal
  - Symbol of the Penitent
  - Dozer Axe

- Added Furious Lizards boss:
 - Found in Irithyll Dungeon.
 - Drops Exquisite Lizard Hide, which can be transposed into:
  - Bestial Band
  - Ring of Calamity
  - Hands of God

- Added The Rock boss:
 - Replaces the npc Havel you find near the dragon in Archdragon Peak.
 - Drops Soul of the Rock, which can be transposed into:
  - Havel's Ring
  - Dragon Tooth
  - Havel's Greatshield

- Reworked the Lordran Remnants boss:
 - Now appears in Aldrich's arena
 - Starts after communing with a statue in the upper chamber.
 - Contains all four of the knights now. They appear as apparitions within the arena, becoming normal as it is their turn to fight.
 - You must defeat all four in a row to win the boss fight.

- Added the Dismal Knight:
 - Appears in the courtyard near the Lonely Hollow.
 - Drops Soul of the Dismal Knight, which can be transposed into:
  - Accursed Sigil
  - Cursed Ring of Evasion
  - Cursed Ring of Vengeance
  - Cursed Ring of Deflection
  - Cursed Ring of Confusion
  - Atonement

- Added the Frostfire Colossus:
 - Appears in Ariandel.
 - Drops Soul of the Frostfire Colossus, which can be transposed into:
  - Frostfall

# Weapons
- Squished the range of physical absorption on shields to 90% -> 100%, meaning more shields have a higher physical guard absorption than before.

# Status
- Reduced Frost % damage to 2 (was 5).
- Reduced Bleed % damage to 2 (was 5.
- Reduced Curse % damage to 2 (was 2.5).
- Reduced Toxic flat damage to 50 (was 90).

# Armor
- Changed all the Absorb FP effects to Max FP effects instead.

# Spells
- Reduced the duration of Bountiful Light, Replenishment and Bountiful Sunlight to 60 seconds.
- Heal Aid, Heal, Med Heal, Great Heal, Soothing Sunlight, Bountiful Light, Replenishment and Bountiful Sunlight now stop FP regen for 30 seconds.
- Reduced the base damage of Pyromancies, Miracles and Hexes. The school tier list is now: Sorcery -> Pyromancies/Hexes -> Miracles in terms of base damage output, with Sorcery being the highest.
- Reduced the max spell buff to 300.
- Reduced the emit rate of Devouring Swarm.

# Rings
- Added Ravenous Chalice: boosts soul absorption by 30% for 8 seconds after killing an enemy.
- Added two new relics for completing deathless and hitless runs with Hard mode enabled:

- Relic of Legends: 
 - Whilst equipped, the wearer gains the following:
   - Boosts all damage by 15/16/17/18/19/20%.
   - Boosts all absorptions by 15/16/17/18/19/20%.
   - Boosts all defences by 15/16/17/18/19/20%.
   - Boosts all stats by 15/16/17/18/19/20.
   - Reduces FP consumption of skills by 20/22/24/26/28/30%.
   - Reduces weapon stamina consumption by 20/22/24/26/28/30%.
  - Rewarded for deathless run in Hard mode.

- Relic of Myths
 - Whilst equipped, the wearer gains the following:
   - Boosts all damage by 20/22/24/26/28/30%.
   - Boosts all absorptions by 20/22/24/26/28/30%.
   - Boosts all defences by 20/22/24/26/28/30%.
   - Boosts all stats by 20/22/24/26/28/30.
   - Reduces FP consumption of skills by 30/32/34/36/38/40%.
   - Reduces weapon stamina consumption by 30/32/34/36/38/40%.
  - Rewarded for hitless run in Hard mode.

- Sun Princess Ring: Grants 3/4/5/6/7/8 HP every second.
- Ring of Londor: FP regeneration is no longer paused by normal attacks.
- Focusing Ring: Restores 5/6/7/8/9/10 FP while standing still.
- Spirit Amethyst: Grants 50/60/70/80/90/100 FP on enemy kills

# Map
- Moved the Outrider Knight in High Wall to the side area just before Vordt.
- Removed some of the Lothric Knights in the normal enemy layout.
- Added a red-eyed Lothric Knight in the old position of the Outrider Knight.
- Moved Gaius the Mighty into the passage that precedes his old location in Archdragon Peak.
- Removed 2 of the Giant Serpent-men in the gauntlet section to the dragon altar in Archdragon Peak.
- Moved the Forlorn to the empty hill in Road of Sacrifices.
- Moved Bewitched Knight Iwai into the chapel area in Profaned Capital.
- Reworked the initial area in Cemetery of Ash.
- Removed Corrupted Gundyr.
- Removed old Lordran Remnants.
- Changed the Untended Graves warp: it is now the big coffin in the Overgrown Sanctum arena. Requires the Seal of Judgment key item to use.
- Moved Astrologer Lillian (was Grave Warden Lillian) to the Overgrown Sanctum.
- Moved Magnum Ursus to the Overgrown Sanctum.
- Moved Alchemist Jiji to the Overgrown Sanctum.
- Moved Ritualist Ellie to the to the Overgrown Sanctum.
- Moved Occultist Grudore (was Acolyte Grudore) to the Overgrown Sanctum.
- Moved Remy the Rat to the Overgrown Sanctum.
- Moved El Hueso to the Lonely Hollow area.

# Menu
- Moved the Affix mechanic to Magnum Ursus (removed the old table).
- Moved the Curse mechanic to Occultist Grudore (removed the old table).

# Shops
- Astrologer Lillian now sells various low tier spells for all schools.

# Items
- Added Nullus Insignia/Emblem, that reveal the normal naked form whilst wearing armor when used.
- Ancestral Note now places you in Untended Graves.
- Rouge Water: now restores 50 FP instantly.
- Crimson Water: now restores 100 FP instantly.

# Gifts
- Added Tablet of Legends gift: this enables Hard mode. Cannot be changed once picked.
 - Reduces absorptions by 25%.
 - Reduces soul absorption by 75%.
 - Reduces stamina recovery by 10.
 - Reduces aux resistances by 50%.
 - Removes the ability to sell items.
 - Removes the soul absorption bonus from Curses.
- Removed Coiled Sword Fragment gift.
- The new area notes now just unlock the bonfire warp, they don't immediately warp you there.

# Treasure
- Morric, the Fallen Knight now drops 1 Holy Gem.
- Mirror Knight Set is now found in the chest in the area just after the Mirror Knight arena.
- Odessa's Crystal now found in the back area of the Depths of the Painting.
- Frozen Chaos Essence now found at the top of the Millwood Tower.

# Bugfixes
- All the new NPC talk esds now correctly exit conversation, which should fix the NPC talk bug in every instance.
- Yuria will now allow you to talk to her if you've failed her quest.
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