Changelog 1.92
# Classes
- Changed the starting armor set of the Heretic (end of an era).
- Changed the starting armor set of the Summoner.
- Assassin now starts with the Ring of Grace instead of the Silvercat Ring.

# Weapons
- Changed Fire infusion back to regular elemental scaling (not psudo-raw).
- Increased the INT/FTH multipliers for Fire and Dark so the triple stat investment is worth slightly more.
- Increased the FP cost of Combustion, Abyssal Grasp, Divine Retribution, Beckon Soul WAs.
- Changed the Black Flame VFX to one that matches the dark sorceries VFX (no longer the Dark Hand VFX).
- Increased the FP cost of Wrath of the Gods WA for the Saint's Talisman to 40.
- Bulwark Shield now has the following effect: increases Dark absorption by 10%.
- Smouldering Talisman WA is now like the new Immolation.

# Spells
- Changed Whisper of Despair bullet vfx to the blue skull.
- Dark Blade secondary effect is now boosts all absorptions by 10% (25% when ascended).
- Immolation spell is now: Immolate oneself for 25% HP, leaving a trail of fire in your wake for 15 seconds. The fire deals 50 Fire damage per tick. Lasts for 30 seconds when ascended.

# Rings
- Changed Prisoner's Chain to: Grants 5 Vigor, Endurance and Vitality but reduces absorption by 10/9/8/7/6/5%.
- Changed the +stat rings to: Increases <stat> by 6/8/10/12/14/16
- Deep Ring effect is now: Periodically leave a wake of abyssal explosions behind you.

# Items
- Increased the FP cost of the spellbound items.
- The boss respawn tomes are now dropped by the bosses once again, and act like tools, rather than consumables.
- Tome: Champions of Yore is dropped by Lord Zakar.
- Changed Inciting Bone to Beckoning Bone: allows you to recall active companions to your position.

# Map
- Removed the concept of locked chests. Those chests are now just normal chests. The key items have been replaced with suitable titanite drops.

# NPCs
- Reverted the Painter esd back to the original, removed the relationship stuff.
- Added a new option to the Fire Keeper: Seduce (BONK!).

# Companions
- Increased FP cost of the Opus items.
- Ritualist Pact now enables hollow summoning of companions and for multiple to summoned concurrently.
- Companions now appear for limited number of seconds at a time. They can be re-summoned after this period, but cannot be whilst active.
 - Solaire: 60         # 1 min
 - El Crabbo: 300      # 5 min
 - Rocky: 120          # 2 min
 - Sluggo: 300         # 5 min
 - Father John: 120    # 2 min
 - Gimbal: 60          # 1 min
 - El Hueso: 120       # 2 min      
 - Moxie: 180          # 3 min
 - Erekris: 30         # 30 sec
 - Metora: 60          # 1 min
 - Farold: 30          # 30 sec
 - Zarloth: 30         # 30 sec
 - Praxos: 30          # 30 sec
 - Woof: 180           # 3 min
 - Alfreda: 60         # 1 min
 - Tashi: 30           # 30 sec
 - Bazdulk: 30         # 30 sec
- Added the following rings:
 - Dial of Obedience: increases duration of a companion to 60 seconds.
 - Offering of Might: Boosts the damage of companions by 50% whilst worn.
 - Offering of Tenacity: Boosts the absorption of companions by 20% whilst worn.
 - Offering of Fortitude: Boosts the poise of companions by 100 whilst worn.
 - Offering of Vitality: Boosts the HP of companions by 100% whilst worn.
 - Offering of Companions now restore 1% HP per second whilst worn.
 - Offering of Fervor: Companions now gain an additional 30 stamina recovery whilst worn.
- Removed the forced desummoning when you enter a boss fight.

# Bugfixes
- Fixed chest glitch in Profaned Capital.
- Fixed Forlorn's location in Road of Sacrifices.
- Fixed Kris Blade having Dark ABS reduction applied twice.
- Fixed Ring of Power/Insanity damage application, now applies to spells.
- Fixed Numbness description.
- Fixed Ascended Numbness not applying the camera change.
- Fixed Ascended Abyssal Edge not using the ascended attack.
- Wanderer's Set should no longer make you invisible.
- Changed VFX for Writ of Immolation/Divinity.
- Adjusted Lordran Remnants emevd, should allow the second and third bosses to appear for clients.
- Remy that Rat should no longer appear in Dark Firelink Shrine.
- Fixed Hammer moveset Warcry charged attacks using less added damage and less aux than the non-charged versions (it is now equal).
- Brightbug now boosts absorption as the description states.
- Stone Greatsword WA (Tranquil Walk of Peace) description now states that is slows and drains stamina, which is its actual effect.
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