Changelog 1.91
# Classes
- Added a Summoner class: focuses on Attunement, starts with several companion related items, including Woof and Metora.
- Paladin now started with a normal Cathedral Knight Greatsword.

# Armors
- Added Gallant Set
- Added Warden Set
- Added Dull Gold Set
- Added Fluted Set
- Added Huntsman Set
- Added Mirdan Set
- Added Sentinel Set
- Added Raggedy Set
- Added Charlatan Set
- Added Martyr Set
- Added Pickpocket Set
- Added Magician Set

# Companions
- Rejuvenating Phial (Restorative Brew) now costs FP and just heals companions for 20%.
- Added Invigorating Phial: boost companion damage by 20% for 30 seconds, costs 50 FP.
- Added Energizing Phial: boost companion stamina for 30 seconds, costs 30 FP.
- Renamed the companion Tablets to Opus of <x>.
- Renamed the training tomes to Sign of <x>
- Changed the icons for the Opus items and the Signs.
- Gimbal now uses the standing mimic moves, and no longer uses the grab.
- Metora no longer uses her grab.
- The leash for companions is larger, allowing them to stay in combat for longer if you move away from them.

# Merchants
- Moved Soul Greatsword unlock to the Sage's Scroll.
- Added Erstwhile George, a friendly Archive Scholar. Sells the DeS armor sets and the armor/weapons dropped by the intruders. Located in the Grand Archives.

# NPCs
- All intruders no longer mimic player poise, and will stagger from any hit as normal enemies tend to do.
- Tomb Raider Dyfan is now a skeleton.

# Weapons
- Added Bleed to the Scraping Spear.
- Added Muffin's Bewitched Alonne Sword edits.
- Extended Bewitched Alonne Sword WA duration to 40 seconds.
- Added Muffin's Quarterstaff moveset.
- Renamed Quarterstaff to King's Quarterstaff. It is now a transposition of the Nameless King soul.

# Infusions
- Enchanted/Clarity infusions now add 2 FP per second (was 1).
- Catalysts now have 4 infusions:
 - Pulsating: adds 2 FP regen, costs 20 Crystal Fragments
 - Vibrating: adds 3 HP regen, costs 20 Holy Fragments
 - Throbbing: adds the ascended effects for spells, costs 20 Fire Seeds
 - Quivering: adds 25 cast speed, costs 20 Abyssal Fragments
 - The infusions reduce scaling slightly.

# Spell Tools
- Restored the multi-school abilities for various catalysts.
- Ascended effects are now added via the Throbbing infusion.
- Reduced max multiplier to *4.
- Increased Fool's Catalyst spell buff.
- Increased the spell buff of the Pyromancy tools, they now cap at 90% of the other schools.

# Spells
- Increased base damage.
- Floating Chaos/Dreg Torrent/Recollection emitted bullets now last longer.
- Floating Chaos now emits at the correct rate.
- Heavenly Thunder is now more accurate with its emitted bullets.
- The weapon buff spells now scale with spell buff again. The damage added for some was reduced to account for the *4 multiplier at max spell buff.
- The heal spells now scale with spell buff again.
- Reduced the slot usage of several spells.

# Rings
- Changed Pontiff's Right Eye: Grants 5/6/7/8/9/10% HP with successive attacks.
- Changed Pontiff's Left Eye: Grants 5/6/7/8/9/10% FP with successive attacks.

# Map
- Moved the Company of Champions covenant pickup to the old Ashen Estus Flask location.

# Bugfixes
- Londor Pale Shade can wield her chime now.
- Companions are now dismissed when a boss starts, to prevent exploits.
- Fixed NG+ scaling applying in Journey 1 in some cases.
- Companions are no longer affected by the Curses.
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