Changelog 1.89
# Weapons 
- Added new Black Dragon Shield WA (thanks to Muffin)
- Some of the claw weapons now use the Lone Shadow kick - deals damage and additional stamina damage compared the normal kick.
- Made the Repeating Pistol 20% faster than the Hunter's Pistol.
- Made Evelynn 5% faster than the Hunter's Pistol.
- Changed the Hunter's Blunderbuss animation to the Cannon animation, but 30% faster. Now shoots 10 bullets in a cone spread.
- Made the Church Cannon 10% faster than the Cannon.
- Added Greataxe Heavy attacks to the Manus Catalyst, changed its WA animation to a roar-like animation.
- Changed Golem Axe WA to Wind Rush, which is an attack much like the original special attack in DS1.
- Changed Rampart Golem Lance WA to Chilling Wind, which emits frost winds like those in Irithyll.
- Changed Lothric's Scythe WA to Divine Punishment, emits holy orbs like in the boss fight. Changed passive effect to: increases effectiveness of HP recovery by 20%.

# Mechanics
- Reduced base poise health to 25 from 40.

# Map
- Added interactable blade in Firelink Shrine that tells you your current journey (New Game) value up to Journey 8.
- Removed the shortcut key items, the warps are now automatically accessible.
- Added new chests to Dreg Heap and Ringed City.
- Removed the one-way door from Undead Settlement to Road of Sacrifices.
- Crystal Sage can now be triggered via the Cathedral side fogwall.

# NPCs
- Reduced the cost of the cosmetic items from Alchemist Jiji.
- Added Ritualist Ellie: hosts the Ritualist Pact covenant and the companion progression item shop.

# Covenants
- Added Ritualist Pact: companion related covenant that enables a full heal for companions when re-summoned using their tablet. Enables Ritual Incense to be dropped whilst a companion is out. Ritual Incense is used to purchase the companion progression items.

# Items
- Writhing Hammer is now a Deacons of the Deep transposition.
- Added area keys for the locked chests, instead of them all using the Master Key. The keys themselves are found in the area they are for.
 - Forgotten Key: Cemetery of Ash
 - Soldier's Key: High Wall of Lothric
 - Knight's Key: Lothric Castle
 - Buried Key: Undead Settlement
 - Dragon Talon: Archdragon Peak
 - Plagued Key: Road of Sacrifices/Farron Keep
 - Scholar's Key: Grand Archives
 - Afflicted Key: Cathedral of the Deep
 - Smouldering Key: Catacombs of Carthus/Smouldering Lake
 - Shivering Key: Irithyll
 - Profaned Key: Irithyll Dungeon/Profaned Capital
 - Frozen Flower: Ariandel
 - Dreg Key: Dreg Heap
 - Burning Key: Ringed City
- Added Restorative Brew: heals active companions for 100 HP, but harms the player for the same amount.
- Added Banishing Coin: removes active companions.
- Added Inciting Bone: turns active companions hostile to you and each other.

# Spells
- Reduced Repair INT requirement to 20.

# Primordial Essence
- Reduced the drop chance for some of the bosses.
- Removed Item Discovery affected drop chance fro sub 100% drops.

# Companions
- Fixed companions having 100% absorption, meaning they can actually die now.
- Companions now have varying HP based on their size, e.g. bigger equals more HP.
- Companions now have varying FP costs to summon, based on their size.
- Changed the companion summon items into 'Tablets', to allow for a more generalized icon. Needed as icon space is low, and unique icons aren't required for these items, unlike weapons and armor.
 - Incense of Cooperation -> Sunlight Tablet
 - Crab Bait -> Crab Tablet
 - Rocky's Stick -> Craggy Tablet
 - Slug Whistle -> Slimy Tablet
 - Blessed Tipple -> Blessed Tablet
 - Old Bone -> Dusty Tablet
 - Rat Treat -> Rat Tablet
- Added Hallowed Tablet: summon Erekris, the Cathedral Knight - Found in Cathedral of the Deep
- Added Holy Tablet: summon Metora, the Cathedral Evangelist - Found in Cathedral of the Deep
- Added Royal Tablet: summon Farold, the Lothric Knight - Found in High Wall of Lothric
- Added Scorched Tablet: summon Zarloth, the Black Knight - Found in Kiln of the First Flame
- Added Etched Tablet: summon Praxos, the Silver Knight - Found in Anor Londo
- Added Bloodied Tablet: summon Woof, the Undead Dog - Found in Undead Settlement
- Added Wrathful Tablet: summon Alfreda, the Pontiff Knight - Transposed from Pontiff Sulyvahn soul
- Added Crystalline Tablet: summon Tazshi, the Ravenous Crystal Lizard - Transposed from Oceiros soul
- Added Demonic Tablet: summon Bazdulk, the Demon - Transposed from Demon Prince soul
- Added companion progression items to Ritualist Ellie:
 - Tome of Health: boosts companion HP by 100%.
 - Tome of Power: boosts companion damage by 100%.
 - Tome of Toughness: boosts companion absorption by 30%.
 - Tome of Restoration: gives companions 10 HP regen.
 - Tome of Tenacity: boosts companion poise by 200.
 - Tome of Mass Summoning: enables multiple companions simultaneously
 - Tome of Hollow Summoning: enables companion summoning whilst hollow
- Since the effects are tied to the item, these effects persist into NG+.

# Bugfixes
- Fixed Writ items requiring a weapon to be wielded to work.
- Fixed some of the new movesets adding 3 attunement slots randomly.
- Fixed Remy giving out endless Dried Root.
- Fixed Remy setting DLC event flags accidently, causing a DLC license issue for those that did not own the DLC.
- Fixed Vordt's Great Hammer 2H heavy attacks not knocking the enemy upwards
- Removed the speed increase for the Lothric Castle elevators due to glitchiness.
- Fixed Rosaria's Dress emblem.
- Fixed Curse of Valor event flag check being wrong, causing it not to trigger the additional drop.
- Added sound to the FP restore from the Focus Implement.
- Fixed Black Dragon Greataxe hitboxes.
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