Changelog 1.86
# Mechanics
- Changed FP design back to vanilla amounts.
- FP sources still work the same way, but give 1 FP per second in most cases.
- Reduced the duration of the rolling stamina increases so it doesn't linger beyond normal panic rolling.
- Moved the Affix mechanic to enchanting table position. Now available in NG0.
- Adjusted base enemy scaling and base NG+ scaling to match vanilla. The corrections are still higher.
- Restored the vanilla stat contribution graphs for resists and defences.

# Curses/Marks
- Re-added the Curse of Attraction for the additional enemy toggle.
- Removed Marks.

# Weapons
- Sidearms cost durability instead of FP.
- Primordial Reinforcement now only needs Primordial Essence (3/6/9/12/15 cost).
- Changed some of the passive effects on weapons.

# Armor
- Increased poise health.
- Restored the old armor effect design.
- Removed Enchantment system.

# Items
- Reverted the Estus Flask animation slowdown.
- Estus Flask sip now pauses stamina regen and poise.
- Added illusionary insignia/emblems for all armor sets. Sold by Alchemist Jiji. They allow you to override your head/armor apperance with another set's appearance.
- Renamed Time-list Essence to Primordial Essence.
- Primordial Essence is dropped by bosses that are considered 'tough'.

# Spells
- Adjusted FP to vanilla FP design.
- Lingering Chaos now throws one orb.
- Bursting Fireball now shares hits between fireballs. This means it is more of an AOE spell, as a single target will only be harmed by 1 of the fireballs.
- Added toxic inflict to the Hex pyromancies.

# Map
- Restored the vanilla start sequence.
- Reduced the strength of Corrupted Gundyr.
- Moved Lillian to the Firelink Tower access tower.
- Moved Jiji into Firelink Shrine.
- Removed the Oceiros shortcut.
- Moved the New Journey giant to the deadend area at the start.
- Moved Sword Master to the deadend area at the start.
- Blocked access between High Wall and Cemetery of Ash.
- Moved King's Sanctum bonfire to early High Wall, renamed to Abandoned Storeroom.
- Moved Solaire to the Abandoned Storeroom area.
- Removed Dragon Barracks bonfire.
- Moved Royal Library bonfire back to the start of the Grand Archives, renamed it to Grand Archives.
- Untended Graves is accessed via Ludleth's throne back after Oceiros has been killed.
- Changed the Dreg Heap warp to now be from the altar in the old starting room for High Wall.
- Changed the Archdragon Peak warp to be via a dead serpent-man at the end of Oceiros's passage.
- Added more locked chests throughout the world. They require the Master Key to open.
- Added intermittent chilling winds in Irithyll. These cause Frostbite quickly if the player remains within them.

# Merchants
- Moved some of Domhnalls stock into chest locations instead.
- Moved King's Ultra Greatsword from Andre stock into chest location.

# Gifts
- Re-did the gift selection to be more balanced:
 - Master Key
 - Coiled Sword Fragment
 - Young White Branch (3)
 - Soul of a Crestfallen Knight
 - Black Firebomb (10)
 - Old Radiant Lifegem (3)
 - Rouge Water (5)
 - Titanite Shard (3)
 - Fire Seed (2)
 - Crystal Fragment (2)
 - Abyssal Fragment (2)
 - Holy Fragment (2)

# Bugfixes
- Fixed Huntmaster Ava's AI not being loaded.
- Fixed the crashes due to the AI limit being exceeded.
- Removed NPC kill flag reverter.
- Reverted Greirat appearance flag change.
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