Changelog 1.85
# Armor
- Removed most of the passive effects on armor. The only passive effects are now those that are unique (compared to the enchantment effects), i.e. Symbol of Avarice, Thorns Set, etc.
- Added a new system for armor effects: Enchantment. There is now an enchanting table in Firelink.
- You can assign an effect to each of the four armor slots: helm, armor, gauntlets and leggings.
- Doing this will imbue the armor slot and grant you the chosen effect until the effect is changed.
- Enhancement costs Enchantment Ash. This is dropped by bosses.
- Note this isn't tied to the actual armor piece, so you can wear any armor piece you like, the effect is tied to the slot.
- Each armor set has an attunement associated with it. This means any effects enchanted that belong to that attunement category will be slightly stronger.

# Rings
- Changed how + versions of the rings are acquired. You now affix rings via the Shrine Handmaid, exchanging the base ring and Time-lost Essence for the + version of the ring.
- Ring affixes are only available in NG+, and the max affix level corresponds to the NG+ level, up to +3.

# NPCs
- Many of the NPCs now respawn when they die.
- Yoel now dies when you kill Pontiff Sulyvahn, instead of when you step into Catacombs of Carthus.
- Orbeck's "You are no ordinary man." dialogue is now unlocked when you kill the Twin Princes.
- Orbeck will no longer leave if you forget to give him scrolls.
- Greirat no longer physically leaves when sent on a pillage.
- Yuria will no longer leave if you kill Anri, Heal Sigils or kill the pilgrim assassin.

# Enemies
- Boosted the damage of hostile intruders by 20%.
- Increased the damage multipliers for NG area scaling.
- Increased the damage/HP multipliers for NG+.
- Echoes of the Past enemies are now referred to as Time-lost Enemies.
- Changed all the Time-lost enemies to now drop Time-lost Essence instead of the NG+ rings/Primordial materials.
- Increased the strength of Time-lost enemies.

# Map
- Changed the Cemetery -> High Wall ladders so they are less glitchy.
- Removed the Burial Knights.
- Moved the Sword Master into the Cemetery of Ash side of the map.
- Moved the Fire Keeper set corpse into the section below the bridge in Firelink Shrine.

# Items
- Slowed down the Estus Flask animation to 2.2 seconds (was 1.5)
- Added Lifegem: Restores 500 HP over 10 seconds. Hold limit of 10.
- Added Radiant Lifegem: Restores 1000 HP over 20 seconds. Hold limit of 8.
- Added Old Radiant Lifegem: Restores 1500 HP over 30 seconds. Hold limit of 6.
- Added Elizabeth Mushroom: Restores 2000 HP over 40 seconds. Hold limit of 3.
- Added Dried Root: Restores 5000 HP over 500 seconds. Hold limit of 5.
- Added Rouge Water: Restores 600 HP and 2000 FP over 20 seconds. Hold limit of 10.
- Added Crimson Water: Restores 900 HP and 3000 FP over 30 seconds. Hold limit of 5.
- These are dropped by various mobs and sold via the bonfire, Lifegem unlocked by default, the rest require ashes.

# Spells
- Reduced Fire Surge/Surging Deep FP cost to 80.

# Bugfixes
- The damage boosts from armor now affect spell damage.
- Fixed Pungent/Pulsating Blade not being Hexes.
- Added poison swamp back to Profaned Capital.
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