Changelog 1.84
# Mechanics
- Re-added the Deathless Run reward. If you kill the Soul of Cinder without having died once from the start of the game, you can visit Magnum Ursus and claim the Relic of Power.
- Added a Hitless Run reward. If you kill the Soul of Cinder without having taken damage from enemies once from the start of the game, you can visit Magnum Ursus and claim the Relic of Insanity.
- Rolling multiple times within a short period now costs more. After the first roll, the cost is +5, capping at +30 after 6 rolls.
- Removed the Devastating Blow mechanic.

# Menus
- You can now toggle your Pledge of Loyalty to Rosaria.
- Moved Marks to the Accursed Altar.
- Added Divorce option for NPCs you have married. Returns the Ring of Betrothal.

# Enemy Revival
- Re-themed the Memory items to Tomes.
- You now purchase the tomes from Magnum Ursus in Firelink Shrine. They are consumable and cost 10% of the bosses base soul reward. You can purchase multiple.
- Each tome appears once you have defeated its boss for the first time.
- Blood of Might is now Tome: Champions of Yore.
- Tomes are no longer removed in NG+, but will only work once the boss has been killed in that journey atleast once.

# Weapons
- Reduced the damage of the pistol sidearms.

# Armor
- Adjusted the effect design. Now the head pieces are the only pieces with effects. This means the effects will be stronger in most cases, but there is now natural exclusivity.
- Changed Winged Helm of Ridoh effect: attacking will eventually restore estus.

# Infusions
- Fire infusion is now more of a psuedo-Raw infusion. It removes all scaling, but the base damage for Fire is much higher than normal. This is to bring it into line with the new design for Pyromancies, and to make it distinct from the Dark infusion.

# Status Effects
- Frost now actually disables enemy AI for 3 seconds when it procs, instead of relying on the stamina removal to prevent attacks. Note that AI enemies will be immune to frost buildup for 5 seconds after this procs.
- Adjusted the aux resistances on enemies. Most normal enemies are easier to inflict before killing them normally.
- Enemies that used to be immune to a status are now just twice as resistant.
- Adjusted general aux inflict values.
- Reduced the added aux from the bite rings to 15.
- Reduced the added aux from armor hand pieces to 15.
- Frozen Weapon: reduces Frost inflict to 30 (60 ascended).
- Snap Freeze: reduces Frost inflict to 15.
- Poison Mist: increased Poison inflict to 30.
- Toxic Mist: increased Toxic inflict to 15.
- Nibble: reduced Bleed inflict to 15 (30 ascended).
- Gnaw: reduced Bleed inflict to 30 (45 ascended).
- Dorhys' Gnawing: reduced Bleed inflict to 45 (60 ascended).
- Devouring Swarm: reduced Bleed inflict to 5.
- Blizzed: reduced Frost inflict to 60.
- Deep Barb: reduced Curse inflict to 15 (30 ascended).
- Deep Soul: reduced Curse inflict to 30 (45 ascended).
- Great Deep Soul: reduced Curse inflict to 45 (60 ascended).
- Great Soul Dregs: reduced Curse inflict to 60 (75 ascended).
- Yearning Dregs: increased Curse inflict to 60
- Writhing Deep: increased Curse inflict to 90 (120 ascended).
- Cascading Deep: increased Curse inflict to 15
- Surging Deep: increased Curse inflict to 15 (30 ascended).
- Dreg Torrent: increased Curse inflict to 15
- Whisper of Despair: reduced Curse inflict to 90 (120 ascended).
- Pestilent Mist: increased Curse inflict to 15
- White Dragon Breath: increased Curse inflict to 60
- Dark Bead: reduced ascended inflict to 5.
- Caitha's Chime WA: reduced Bleed inflict to 60.
- Fecal Expulsion: reduced Toxic inflict to 15.
- Gravelord Sword Dance: increased Toxic inflict to 60.
- Gravelord Sword now deals Toxic type poison.

# Rings
- Added Relic of Power: whilst equipped, the wearer gains the following:
 - Boosts all damage by 5%.
 - Boosts all absorptions by 5%.
 - Boosts all defences by 5%.
 - Boosts all stats by 5.
 - Reduces FP consumption of spells and skills by 10%.
 - Reduces weapon stamina consumption by 10%.

- Added Relic of Insanity: whilst equipped, the wearer gains the following:
 - Boosts all damage by 10%.
 - Boosts all absorptions by 10%.
 - Boosts all defences by 10%.
 - Boosts all stats by 10.
 - Reduces FP consumption of spells and skills by 20%.
 - Reduces weapon stamina consumption by 20%.
 - Exclusive with the Talisman of Power.

- Young Dragon Ring: periodically summons homing soulmasses every 15 to 40 seconds.
- Great Swamp Ring: periodically emit pillars of flame every 15 to 40 seconds.
- Morne's Ring: periodically emit damaging force wave every 15 to 40 seconds.
- Deep Ring: periodically become immune to all damage for 3 seconds every 15 to 40 seconds.
- Spirit Amethyst: grants 5% FP on enemy kills
- Violet Tearstone Ring: increases max FP by 100% whilst below 25% HP.
- Ring of Punishment: adds 30 Bleed inflict. Now transposed from Yhorm soul.
- Added Tainted Chalice: adds 30 Poison inflict. Transposed from Greatwood soul.
- Added Accursed Sigil: adds 30 Curse inflict. Transposed from Corrupted Gundyr soul. 
- Added Frostflower Ring: adds 30 Frost inflict. Transposed from Vordt soul.
- Saint's Ring: grants 3 additional attunement slots.

# Items
- Transformation/Elixir/Oil items now persist through loading.
- Added Rattling Skull so the skeleton form uses the two item format.
- Added Murky Skull so the murkman form uses the two item format.
- Added Hunter's Emblem so the Hunter form uses the two item format.

# Spells
- Added a new spell school: Hexes
- Thwe following spells are now considered Hexes:
 - Deep Barb           
 - Deep Soul           
 - Great Deep Soul     
 - Great Soul Dregs    
 - Dark Edge           
 - Abyssal Edge        
 - Dark Bead           
 - Surging Deep        
 - Cascading Deep      
 - Yearning Dregs      
 - Dreg Torrent        
 - Writhing Deep       
 - Climax              
 - Affinity            
 - Whisper of Despair  
 - Repel               
 - Numbness            
 - Black Fireball      
 - Black Fire Orb      
 - Black Fire Vestiges 
 - Black Fire Scatter  
 - Black Flame         
 - Black Serpent       
 - Dark Dance          
 - Recollection        
 - Mournful Flames     
 - Black Flame Arc     
 - Nibble              
 - Gnaw                
 - Dorhys' Gnawing     
 - Devouring Swarm     
 - Deep Protection     
 - Atonement           
 - Vow of Agony        
 - Gravelord Sword Dance   
 - Vow of Silence      
 - Dark Blade          
 - Dead Again          
 - Lifehunt Scythe     
 - Pulsating Blade     
 - Pungent Blade  
- 'Dark' aligned catalysts are now able to cast Hexes.
- Adjusted the requirements for spells so the level of investment is now comparable between schools. Sorcery/Miracles have single stat reqs from 10 up to 60, Hexes have reqs from 5 to 30, but for both INT and FTH. Pyromancies have no reqs as normal.
- Increased FP cost of Proof of a Pact.
- Reduced poise/stamina of Proof of a Pact/Ghostly Assault.
- Increased the pillar count of the pillar spells.
- Atonement: now boosts absorption by 20% whilst active.
- Reduced the damage of the projectiles for the 'Floating Chaos' type spells.
- Changed all the sources of spell FP reduction into different effects.

# Spell Tools
- Re-IDed the spell tool entries, which means old saves will have broken items.
- Removed the damage affinity mechanic.
- Removed Chaos Flame
- Removed Abyssal Flame
- Removed Fool's Flame
- Removed Jester's Talisman
- Re-added the softcap curve for spell buff so power growth is more consistent from the start.
- Hex catalysts have an earlier softcap curve since they need to invest in split stats.
- Pyromancy catalysts require no stats for their growth, just reinforcement, but overall spell buff for them is lower than the other schools.
- Hybrid catalysts are no longer infusable. However they are now stronger than their previous baseline to account for this.
- Only Hex catalysts have the ability to cast multiple schools. And for the non-Hex schools, it is at 50% effectiveness.
- Added Fool's Catalyst: can cast all schools but has a fixed spell buff of 100, although spell damage itself still scales with Luck (250 spell buff equivalent). Uses Rubbish to reinforce. Dropped by Fester the Jester.

# Merchants
- Removed the purchase limits on spells and goods that are fine to purchase more than once.

# Marks
- Renamed Mark of Sanguis to Mark of Attraction
- Renamed Mark of Canis to Mark of the Dog
- Renamed Mark of Piscis to Mark of the Crab
- Renamed Mark of Prismatica to Mark of Valor

# Companions
- No longer fully healed when resummoned.
- The summon tool(s) will now say if the companion is dead or if you are not embered, explaining why the summon failed.
- Added Slug Whistle: summons Sluggo. Found in Farron Keep.
- Added Blessed Tipple: summons Father John. Found in Irithyll.
- Added Miniature Chest: summons Gimbal. Found in Irithyll.
- Added Old Bone: summons El Hueso. Dropped by defeating El Hueso.

# Treasures
- Moved the Merchant Ring to Road of Sacrifices.
- Removed Smough's Great Hammer from the Lordran Remnants transposition (as it is a treasure in Irithyll already).
- Changed some of Domhnall's Awestone items into treasures in Irithyll.
 - Wretched Pendant treasure
 - Ring of the Evil Eye
 - Gloom Set
 - Heide Mask
 - Golem Set
 - Brushwood Set

# Covenants
- Thieves' Pact now drops Rubbish occasionlly.

# Classes
- Priest now starts with Lightning Arrow instead of Lightning Spear.

# Bugfixes
- You can now block whilst two-handing a weapon in your right-hand whilst a sidearm is stowed on your back on the left.
- Moved the Echo Vordt and the corpse treasure in the transition section from Lothric Castle into Grand Archives elsewhere.
- Added ElFonz0's fixed Burial Knight models.

# Map
- Moved Grave Warden Lillian to the sidepath at the end of Cemetery of Ash.
- Grave Warden Lillian now ports you to Untended Graves.
- Added ladder from Cemetery of Ash into Consumed King's Garden.
- Oceiros can now be started from the back passage.
- Moved Solaire to the back passage of Oceiros.
- Changed Soldier's Nook into King's Sanctum, moved to Oceiros back passage.
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