Changelog 1.82
# Mechanics
- Removed the key items required for the bonfire options. Options are now available immediately as before.
- Changed poise health changes back to previous setup, where only staggering restores health.

# Customisation
- Added Fire Keeper hair.
- Added Vendrick hair.
- Added Vendrick beard.

# Moveset
- Added Dragonslayer Swordspear moveset by WhurDaMuffinsAt.

# Weapons
- Great Lord Greatsword WA is now like the Ringed Knight Straight Sword WA
- Quelaag's Fury Sword WA now emits a variant of Chaos Storm, rather than impotent orbs.
- Insanity Catalyst now has delayed scaling effectiveness.
- Added Runelock: a valorheart style weapon using the Rune Sword and Shield. Emits a blast of crystal instead of a lion's roar, and is better against elemental whilst guarding. 
- Removed Rune Sword and Shield as standalone weapons. Runelock replaces Rune Sword's ID.
- Added Hands of Sin. Found in Profaned Capital.
- Added Frying Pan. Found in Firelink Shrine.
- Added Serpentine Chain-axe. Found in Archdragon Peak.
- Added Imperious Greatshield (dual shield weapon). Found in Profaned Capital.

# Sidearms
- Added a new class of weapons: Sidearms. These weapons can only be equipped in the left-hand.
- They can be reinforced and infused.
- Cost stamina and FP to fire. Will not fire if you lack FP. Each sidearm has a its own cost.
- Added Cannon.
- Added Church Cannon.
- Added Hunter's Pistol.
- Added Repeating Pistol.
- Added Evelynn.
- Added Hunter's Blunderbuss.
- Added Rosamarinus. The infusions are unique for this weapon, and serve to change what it emits rather than the usual changes.
- Added Master Benjin, a firearms merchant. He sells all the firearms. However, you will need to retrieve two items to expand his inventory. Found in Undead Settlement.

# Armor
- Crown of Illusion: now boosts soul absorption by 5% and reveals X in the Grand Archives.

# Spells
- Reduced the damage and amount of pillars for the pillar spells.

# Items
- Added Hunter's Mark: let's you transform into the Bloodborne Hunter's Set.
- Added Tortured Soul: found in Cathedral of the Deep.
- Added Smithbox: found in Lothric Castle.

# Treasure
- Insanity Catalyst moved to Grand Archives.
- Old Insanity Catalyst mimic now drops Hunter's Mark.

# Bosses
- Lordran Remnants now drops Primordal Slabs (with Mark of Prismatica enabled).
- Increased the souls given by the Lordran Remnants to 150,000, equal to Midir.
- Reduced boss absorption in general.

# Merchants
- Andre now sells basic arrows/bolts.
- Removed the stock limits on a lot of the shop entries.
- Magnum Ursus is now sleeping on a ledge in the centre area of Firelink Shrine.

# Bugfixes
- Fixed all the new ammunition that lacked hold position models.
- Fixed Trial of Calamity/Sorrow boss req. message being swapped.
- Fixed several discrepancies between weapons and the excel sheet.
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