Changelog 1.81
# Weapons
- Adjusted damage difference between weapons within the same category to make the variance much less extreme.
- Dragonrider Halberd is now a Physical/Magic weapon.
- Weapons will no longer bounce off walls.
- Increased whip speed (20% faster).
- Equalized shortbow/longbow speed (now 20% faster rather than 50%/0% faster).
- Increased Knight Shield Physical Guard ABS to 100%.
- Fixed several innate Lucky weapons so the infusions actually improve their output.
- Lethal infusion now adds 10% crit chance.
- Thorned Greatsword WA now adds Lightning damage + vfx, rather than firing a sunlight spear.
- Rayuko effect is now: successive hits boost damage by 10%.
- Handmaid's Ladle damage/scaling changed. Now has 50 Physical damage, but has 100 scaling with STR, DEX, INT, FTH and LCK.
- Handmaid's Ladle effect is now: echoes of death from fallen enemies slowly coalesce, eventually granting a modest dose of Estus.

# Armor
- Added Tarnished Knight Set (Silver Knight Ledo's cut armor, re-made by Wiglow): dropped by Silver Knight Ledo.
- Added Bear Set: dropped by Magnum Ursus, or gifted by him.
- Added King's Set: sold by Domhnall.
- Added Winged Helm of Ridoh: found in the Ringed City.
- Increased poise health multipliers for weapon swings.
- Poise health is now restored when you idle, swing your weapon or are staggered.

# Spells
- Added Gravelord Sword Dance. Dropped by a mimic in Smouldering Lake (was the Fire Seed one).
- Reduced duration of Fecal Expulsion Toxic to 15 seconds (was 60). Made it actually Toxic.
- Changed Scattered Farron Dart into Scattering Soul Orb: emits an orb that fire soul darts sporadically for 5 seconds.
- Changed Scattered Soul Arrow into Scattering Crystal Orb: emits an orb that fire soul arrows sporadically for 5 seconds.

# Merchants
- Added Alchemist Jiji: he sells the weapon oils, elixirs and herbs. Found on the outer rim of Firelink Tower.
- Added Solaire of Astora: offers early access to the Warrior of Sunlight covenant, found after Vordt.
- Moved Magnum Ursus down to the area near El Hueso.
- Changed Magnum Ursus armor to the Bear set.
- Added unlockable Primordial material shop at Magnum Ursus. You must give him the Blood of the Dark Soul to unlock it.

# Relationships
- Solaire can be married: gift is an Estus Shard.
- Magnum Ursus: gift is now the Bear Set.

# Enemies
- Reduced the HP of some of the tough normal enemies to make them less tedious to kill.
- Reduced Painting Guardian HP/absorption.

# Items
- Reduced sell value of exotic souls.
- Braille Divine Tome of Carim is now on a corpse in front of the dragon encounter.

# Rings
- Life Ring: changed +1/+2/+3 to 15%, 20% and 25%.
- Dragonscale Ring: changed +1/+2/+3 to 15%, 20% and 25%.
- Ring of Favor: changed +0/+1/+2/+3 to 7.5%/10%/12.5%/15%.
- Ring of Wisdom: changed FP part of +0/+1/+2/+3 to 7.5%/10%/12.5%/15%.
- Changed the +1/+2/+3 stoneplate rings to 15%/20%/25%.
- Changed the +1/+2/+3 Speckled Stoneplate Ring to 7.5%/10%/12.5%.
- Bloodbite Ring: now increases bleed resistance by 100 and imbues right-hand weapon with 30 Bleed.
- Poisonbite Ring: now increases poison/toxic resistance by 100 and imbues right-hand weapon with 30 Poison.
- Cursebite Ring: now increases curse resistance by 100 and imbues right-hand weapon with 30 Curse.
- Chillbite Ring: now increases frost resistance by 100 and imbues right-hand weapon with 30 Frost.
- Fleshbite Ring: now raises poison, bleed, frost and curse resistance by 250.
- Carthus Milkring: now reduces the stamina cost of evasion actions by 25%.
- Cursed Ring of Evasion: now reduces the cost of evasive movements by 50% but reduces max HP by 50%.
- Cursed Ring of Vengeance: now causes dead enemies to explode, dealing damage to other enemies but reduces max HP by 50%.
- Cursed Ring of Deflection: now deflects spells randomly (3 seconds ON, 3 seconds OFF cycle) but reduces max HP by 50%.
- Cursed Ring of Confusion: emits a confusion aura, allowing enemies to harm one another but reduces max HP by 50%.
- Carthus Bloodring: shifts evasion class downwards and obscures rolling, but
increases evasive movement stamina costs by 50%.
- Greatwood Remnants: increases physical defence by 50% but increases evasive stamina consumption by 20%.
- Wood Grain Ring: changed +1/+2/+3 to 30%/35%/40%.
- Wolf Ring: changed +0/+1/+2/+3 to 25%/30%/35%/40%.
- Dusk Crown Ring: changed FP part to +0/+1/+2/+3 to 25%/30%/35%/40%.
- Tome of Sunlight: changed +0/+1/+2/+3 to 15%/20%/25%/30%.
- Charred Bone: now ncreases casting speed by 50 whilst below 25% HP. (60/70/80 for +1/+2/+3).
- Farron Ring: changed +1/+2/+3 to 40%/50%/60%.
- Ring of Londor: enables FP to regenerate continuously, removing the cooldown after casting.
- Symbol of the Penitent: changed +0/+1/+2/+3 to 25%/30%/35%/40%.
- Green Tearstone Ring: grants 100 stamina recovery whilst below 25% HP.
- Violet Tearstone Ring: reduces spell FP costs by 50% whilst below 25% HP.
- Bulwark Ring: prevents durability loss whilst equipped.
- Runic Seal: Whilst below 50%, ironskin is applied to the wearer. Ironskin boosts Physical absorption by 20%, reduces elemental absorptions by 20%, prevents stagger and increases attack deflection by 65.
- Black Tearstone Ring: boosts souls from enemies by 30% whilst below 25% health.
- Elden Ring: grants 10% boost to physical damage.
- Horsehoof Ring: now adds easy kick action by overriding left guard/attack.

# Map
- Changed the Sandworm wall in Smouldering Lake. It now requires the Smouldering Rubble item to be destroyed (rather than automatically disappearing when all 3 worms are dead). The item itself is dropped by one of the worms.
- Changed the gauntlet section in Archdragon Peak. There is now only 2 serpent summoners and a respawning Ancient Wyvern. This wyvern drops the Stick item once, and 1 Dragon Scale 100% of the time.

# Trial
- Split the trial into four different, smaller trials. Each has 4 waves, and then 1 boss wave.
- Each takes place in one of the DLC arena maps.
 - Trial of Adversity: unlocked after Abyss Watcher kill. Rewards regular titanite.
 - Trial of Sorrow: unlocked after Yhorm kill. Rewards mix of titanite + fragments.
 - Trial of Calamity: unlocked after Aldrich kill. Rewards mix of titanite + fragments.
 - Trial of Devastation: unlocked after Twin Princes kill. Reward primordial titanite.

# Bonfires
- Restricted some of the bonfire options early on, they now require specific key items before they will appear:
 - Buy/Sell: requires Essence of Avarice - Dropped by Curse-rotted Greatwood.
 - Reinforce/Infuse/Repair: requires Smithbox - Sold by Andre

# Curses/Marks
- Added Mark of Prismatica: increases boss HP and power by 50%, enables 100% primordial material drop on victory.
- Curses no longer give random primordial material drop chance. Increased the soul absorption bonus to compensate.

# No Hit
- No Hit kills now give a set amount of extra souls.

# Perfect Block
- Added Perfect Block mechanic: timing the block apex to the strike will cause the stamina cost for guarding to become 0.

# Devastating Blow
- Increased Devastating Blow boost back to +100%.
- Renamed the Critical Hit merchanic to Devastating Blow, so it is clear that it isn't related to Critical.
- Removed the baseline 1% devastating blow chance.
- Snickering Top Hat: perfect hit chance reduced to 1%.
- Ring of Punishment: perfect hit chance reduced to 1%.
- Weapon Effect: perfect hit chance reduced to 1%.
- Removed the Lucky devastating blow chance.
- Removed the Lethal devastating blow chance.

# Infusions
- Lethal: reduces weapon stamina consumption by 15%.
- Sharp: consecutive attacks boost damage, up to 15%.
- Lucky: Increases Item Discovery by 25 and soul absorption by 10%.

# Companions
- Now required you to be embered to summon.
- Incense of Cooperation is now part of the offerings from the Warrior of Sunlight covenant, rather than a treasure in front of Ludleth.

# Warps
- The in-map warps now require specific key items to use. It will tell you if you are missing it.
- High Wall -> Archdragon Peak
 - Requires Dragon Talon: found near the Serpent-man in High Wall.
- Undead Settlement -> Farron Keep
 - Requires Pilgrim's Soul: found on the roof in the section after the Tower Giant's gauntlet in Undead Settlement.
- Undead Settlement -> Catacombs
 - Requires Catacombs Key: found on a lower ledge roof in the Demon section of Undead Settlement.
- Irithyll Dungeon -> Smouldering Lake
 - Requires Smouldering Key: found in Irithyll in the alley with 3 dogs guarding a corpse.
- Cathedral -> Irithyll
 - Requires Eye of Londor: dropped by the Deacons of the Deep.
- Irithyll -> Ariandel
 - Requires Frozen Flower: found in the area before you drop down to the Cathedral Evangelist in Irithyll.
- Cemetery of Ash -> Dreg Heap
 - Requires Broken Tablet: found in the area after Vordt in High Wall.
- Ballista Warp
 - Requires Giant's Soul: found in the cave part of lower Smouldering Lake.

# Bugfixes
- Tidied up the menus for new merchants/npcs, fixing the odd dialogue issues.
- Silver Knight Ledo should appear properly now.
- Echoes of the Past now award their loot directly to the player.
- Echo Abyss Watchers now drop the Farron Ring+1/2/3 properly.
- Fixed poise not working properly for female characters.
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