Changelog 1.80
# Weapons
- Increased the damage of the Crystal Shower WA.
- Reduced the strength of Sharpen WA to 20% (was 50%) and is now consider a weapon buff.
- Reduced the critical hit bonus to 50% (was 100%).

# Movesets
- Phosphorescent Pole 2H Roll Attack is now the 2H greatsword thrust (matching the 1H animation).
- Bewitched Alonne Sword: now has new moveset based on suggestions.
- Increased the speed of the Greatsword/UGS follow-up R2 attacks by 30%.

# Bosses
- Vordt is now quicker in general. His charge attacks, hand smash and breath attacks are noticeable quicker.
- Increased the toughness of Halflight and the Painting Guardians significantly.
- Increased the absorption and HP of DLC bosses to make them more of a challenge to lategame builds.

# Memories
- Changed the icon for Memories.
- Added Memory of Halflight.

# Spells
- Increased the base damage of several spells to make the early game less punishing for casters.
- Changed the stamina cost for most spells to 10% of the FP cost (i.e. 350 FP = 35 stamina to cast).
- Added Wrathful Orbs: a holy version of soulmass.
- Added Holy Schism: a spell version of the divine spear items, but with multiple lines of spears.
- Added Wrathful Barrage: a holy version of farron hail.
- Proof of a Pact is now more generous with it's hit radius.

# Rings
- Ring of Retaliation: adds 75 Physical damage to rolling or kicking.
- Ring of Reprisal: adds 75 Magic damage to rolling or kicking. 
- Ring of Spite: adds 75 Fire damage to rolling or kicking.
- Ring of Retribution: adds 75 Lightning damage to rolling or kicking.
- Ring of Vengeance: adds 75 Dark damage to rolling or kicking.

# Items
- Changed the boss soul item values to be half the amount the boss itself drops (i.e. Midir's soul is worth 75,000, he normally drops 150,000).
- Added special souls that rarely drop from powerful enemies. They grant powerful but short term buffs:
 - Soul of a Fallen Paladin: boosts all absorption by 80% for 30 seconds.
 - Soul of a Fallen Sentinel: boosts poise by 100 for 30 seconds.
 - Soul of a Fallen Sage: reduces spell and skill FP consumption by 80% for 30 seconds.
 - Soul of a Fallen Warrior: reduces weapon stamina consumption by 80% for 30 seconds.
 - Soul of a Fallen Astrologer: grants immunity to status for 30 seconds.
 - Soul of a Fallen Beserker: grants 100 stamina recovery for 30 seconds.
 - Soul of a Fallen Champion: grants 99 STR, DEX, INT, FTH and LCK for 30 seconds.
- Changed Brightbug effect to: boost damage and absorption by 20% for 15 seconds.
- Resonating Crystal trade with the Nestling now gives you a random special soul.
- Added Soul of Halflight, can be transposed into:
 - White Birch Bow
 - Wrathful Orbs
 - Holy Schism
 - Wrathful Barrage

# Oils
- Removed the old weapon visual stones.
- Added weapon oils that apply the same effects as the old stones. There are now two versions of each, one for the right-hand and one for the left-hand.
- Added Cleansing Oil.
- Added Off-hand Cleansing Oil.
- Added Magical Oil.
- Added Off-hand Magical Oil.
- Added Fiery Oil.
- Added Off-hand Fiery Oil.
- Added Sparking Oil.
- Added Off-hand Sparking Oil.
- Added Abyssal Oil.
- Added Off-hand Abyssal Oil.
- Added Poisonous Oil.
- Added Off-hand Poisonous Oil.
- Added Bloody Oil.
- Added Off-hand Bloody Oil.
- Added Frost Oil.
- Added Off-hand Frost Oil.
- Added Moonlit Oil.
- Added Off-hand Moonlit Oil.
- Added Blessed Oil.
- Added Off-hand Blessed Oil.
- Added Black Fire Oil: applies an aura of black fire.

# Relationships
- Flirt option now has 3 outcomes (randomised on bonfire rest).
- Getting a 'good' outcome will reward you will a unique gift, specific to that NPC.
- The following NPCs as proposable and give the following:
 - Karla: Yearning Dregs (one-time)
 - Fire Keeper: Divine Blessing (repeatable)
 - Painter: Ceaseless Dung Pie (one-time) + special event
 - Rosaria: Brightbug (repeatable)
 - Archdeacon McDonnell: Abyssal Fragment (repeatable)
 - Company Captain Yorshka: Hidden Blessing (repeatable)
 - Domhnall of Zena: Awestone (repeatable)
 - Marvelous Chester: Twinkling Titanite (repeatable)
 - Crestfallen Merchant: Titanite Scale (repeatable)
 - Ludleth: an array of exotic souls (repeatable)
 - Yuria of Londor: Repel (one-time)
 - Orbeck of Vinheim: Crystal Fragment (repeatable)
 - Andre: random normal Titanite (repeatable)
 - Shrine Handmaid: Ember (repeatable)
 - Cornyx of the Great Swamp: Fire Seed (repeatable)
 - Irina of Carim: Holy Fragment (repeatable)
 - Patches: Undead Bone Shard (one-time)
 - Grave Warden Lillian: Climax (one-time)
 - Magnum Ursus: Estus Shard (one-time)
 - Greirat: Coins (repeatable)
 - Yoel: Dark Sigil (repeatable)

# Treasure
- Removed all the NG+ soul treasure replacements.
- Moved the Ring of Betrothal to the Hollow Head location in Cemetery of Ash.
- Moved the Giant Halberd/Shield to the Giant's corpse location.

# Bugfixes
- Added female version of the Censuring Palm animations.
- Ledo's Great Hammer WA should clear itself properly when used.
- Glove aux buffs should now only apply to the right-hand.
- Fixed Bloodust WA not working correctly.
- Fixed Wolnir's table being missing.
- Wolnir's front door no longer shuts when you use his Memory.
- Gravelord Sword backstab now uses correct motion values.
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