Changelog 1.79
# Weapons
- Increased the damage of some infused weapons.
- Increased the duration of Bloodlust/Seppuku to 60 seconds.
- Weapon Arts that apply buffs that are general (Guiding Light) or very short (Sacred Light and Flame) no longer count as weapon buffs and so won't remove other buffs.
- Fire infusion + innate fire now only apply -1% Fire ABS per stack (was -10%).

# Movesets
- Changed Gravelord Sword: moveset now has slower versions of the normal Curved Sword Light attacks, and the forward poke thrust as its heavy attacks.
- Changed Penetrating Sword: added new moveset based on suggestions.
- Changed Beast Cutter: now uses a new moveset and the segemented model.
- Changed Tonitrus: now has the mace moveset and no longer does lightning damage by default. WA is now Spark which adds 100 Lightning damage + vfx and the warcry heavy attacks when used, lasting 30 seconds.
- Changed Phosphorescent Pole: has a new moveset based on suggestions.
- Greatsword Heavy #1 changed back to original.
- Censuring Palm now increases the speed of movement by 20% whilst in the right-hand.

# Classes
- Reduced some of the stats for the Sentinel, Bandit, Hunter and Paladin. Reduced the weapon requirements for their weapons to fit.
- Added Jester class.

# Curses
- Split the world altering Curses into a separate menu, now called Marks.
- Marks may be global or unique to specific levels. If they are unique to a specific level, the soul absorption bonus is only active whilst in that level.
- Curse of Attraction is now called Mark of Sanguis.
- Added Mark of Canis: adds dogs to the High Wall of Lothric. Disables most of the regular enemies.
- Added Mark of Piscis: adds crabs to Road of Sacrifices/Farron Keep. Disables most of the regular enemies.
- Added Curse of Simplicity: removes the passive FP regen, boosts soul gain by 5%, primordial titanite chance of 10%.
- Added Curse of Enfeeblement: reduces max HP/FP/Stamina by 50%, boosts soul gain by 10%, primordial titanite chance of 50%.
- Added Curse of Impermanence: reduces weapon durability by 1 randomly (10 to 30 second interval), boosts soul gain by 5%, primordial titanite chance of 10%.

# FP
- Reduced the base FP regen to 3% per second (was 5%).

# Trial
- Reduced enemy damage to *1.25 (was *2).
- Made the rocky outcrops in the arena unbreakable whilst the Trial is active, so they can provide cover.

# Spells
- Added differing stamina costs to spells again.
- Changed Catalystm/Earthfall/Heavenly Thunder: now similar to Crystal Hail but with fewer but more accurate bullets. Damage per bullet is 220.
- Changed Immolation: summons fire pillars around the player that hit enemies and the player alike.
- Changed Overwhelming Power: it is now like a walkable firestorm (uses Fire Surge animation). Lasts until you stop or run out of FP. Added lingering hitbox to the lightning ground sparks.
- Changed Proof of a Pact: now uses the Fire Surge animation, spawns Silver Knight Ledo slightly in front of the player. Lasts until you stop or run out of FP.
- Added Ghostly Assault: summons a group of 5 ghostly archers that will each fire 3 times until disappearing. Dropped by the Judicator at the start of the Ringed City.
- Reduced Soul Stream damage to 200 per tick (was 250)
- Reduced the melee damage portion of the Lightning Spear spells.
- Increased Lightning Arrow damage to 150.
- Increased Farron Flashsword damage to 200.
- Increased Soul Greatsword damage to 400.
- Increased Old Moonlight damage to 800 charged, 200 on sword.
- Increased Snap Freeze frost inflict to 50 per tick, removed the additional clouds.
- Increased Flame Fan damage to 300.
- Increased Great Combustion damage to 600.
- Increased Profaned Flame damage to 600.
- Increased Wrath of the Gods damage to 600.
- Increased Emit Force damage to 300 [100].
- Increased Lightning Stake damage to 700.
- Increased Dark Edge damage to 250.
- Increased Abyssal Edge damage to 500.
- Increased Black Flame damage to 600.
- Increased FP cost of Dark Dance to 650, decreased damage to 180 per bullet.
- Repel now costs 500 FP, lasts 2 seconds, 3 seconds when ascended.
- Soul Stream ascended effect no longer increases duration, now reduces stamina cost to 40.
- Reduced Climax damage to 400.

# Rings
- Ring of Momentum quicksteps now cost 20 stamina.

# Items
- The cosmetic stones now apply the VFX to both hands.

# NPCs
- Added Magnum Ursus: this NPC hosts the Mark system and is used to toggle them. Found in Firelink Shrine.
- Companions now have cycling target priority: 3 seconds on, 7 seconds off. This means enemies won't target them 100% of the time.
- Made the merchants actually killable.

# Enemies
- Red Lizzies can now be killed and will drop either 1 Twinkling Titanite or 1 Titanite Scale. However they will emit their explosion on death.
- Corrupted Gundyr is now an early boss (bit stronger than Vordt).
- Oceiros now inflicts Curse.

# Map
- Changed the Titanite Chunks in the Cemetery of Ash area after Corrupted Gundyr into Titanite Shards.
- Replaced the Titanite Slab treasure in the Cemetery of Ash area with the Company of Champions treasure.

# Bugfixes
- Serpentine Orbs should now always use 5 orbs.
- Smouldering Talisman Immolate WA now matchs Immolation (but lasts 6 seconds).
- Dragonrider can no longer be parried.
- Fixed some localization bugs.
- Mimics/Sister Friede/Stray Demon now only have 50% Flick absorption, which means certain types of attacks will now do 50% damage against them (used to be 0%).
- The invader script should no longer display the invade message outside of the trigger area in odd circumstances.
- Paladin/Captain no longer have 2 extra levels.
- Added DLC flag check to the Dreg Heap/Ariandel in-map warps. The prompts will no longer appear if you lack the correct DLC.
- Alva's set will now spawn when you kill him (was checking for the old event flag).
- Fixed companion HP regen being 100% per second rather than 1%.
- Murky Warstaff 1H/2H Kick now connects.
- Reversal Ring should be fixed.
- Fixed Black Knight weapons doing more anti-demon damage than intended.
- Fixed Blue Sentinels effect not staying active.
- Dragon Cultists are now actually in dragonform.
- Fixed Abandoned Tomb bonfire missing its spawnpoint.
- Champion Gundyr now faces the fog wall.
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