Changelog 1.75
# Weapons
- Increased the base damage of all the whips.
- Mendicant's Staff now casts miracles.
- Man-grub's Staff now casts all schools, and solely scales with LCK.
- Sunless Talisman can now cast sorceries and miracles.
- Velka's Talisman can now cast sorceries and miracles.
- Insanity WA reduces to 30% boost.

# Catalysts
- Catalyst correction design changed. Each catalyst (both normal and hybrid) get one element they favor (i.e. get 100% of scaling for), all the others are restricted to 80%.
- The infusions for the hybrids change this in the following ways:
 - Magic/Fire/Lightning/Dark: changes its respective to the early peak 100% curve.
 - Enchanted/Holy: changes the physcial to the early peak 100% curve. (Except if it is sorcery only, in which case Enchanted remains magic).
- To put it in real terms, the Sunlight Talisman can cast miracles, both lightning and physical damage miracles. It will deal 100% with lightning based ones, but only 80% with physical ones.
- Pyromancy flames don't get early peak scaling, just normal 100% with Fire.

# Armor
- Added Manikin Set (+ Crude Manikin Mask): found in the Dreg Heap.
- Added Stone Knight Set: found in Farron Keep.
- Added Guardian Knight Set: found in Farron Keep.

# Spells
- Added Fecal Expulsion: emit 8 dung pies from your mouth, inflicting Toxic. Found in the sewer in Irithyll.
- Added Overwhelming Power: emit pillars of blue lightning. Transposed from Gael's soul.

# Items
- All the throwable goods now scale with Luck (and no other stat).

# Map
- Added Ariandel -> Irithyll warp: commune with the fallen corvian at the top of the chapel.
- Added Irithyll -> Ariandel warp: commune with the statue in a tucked away section in the Silver Knight gauntlet area.
- Changed the door in Ariandel Chapel so you open it from within the chapel. This lets you make a choice between the regular route or backwards through the Millwood and Follower area. This also allows you to fight Sister Friede much earlier.
- Removed the Pus of Men in the Cemetery of Ash.
- Moved the Burial Knights to make it easier to engage them one-on-one.

# Bugfixes
- Fixed the Trial enemies appearing if you entered the Soul of Cinder arena after resting at the bonfire.
- Fixed Cemetery of Ash -> Dreg Heap warp.
- Fixed some bad model masks.
- Dreg Heap warp in Sister Friede's room is now correctly disabled when you use her memory.
- Fixed tailbone/gargoyle weapon drop bug.
- Pontiff Knight Great Scythe (and any other weapons that use its behavior) now has the correct motion value setup (i.e. sweetspot mechanic removed).
- Adjusted the correction for various spell tools where it was wrong.
- Curse of Vitality has a reduced effect in the Trial, only restore a flat 5 HP per second.
- Fixed a few WA attacks that allowed for excessive on hit effects (they no longer apply the effects during those attacks).
- Fixed Dragon Bone Smasher texture bug.
- Fixed Hands of God texture bug.
- Fixed Bulwark Shield texture bug.
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