Changelog 1.74
# Character Creation
- Added 7 new hairstyles (thanks to Max).

# Trial of Perseverance
- Changed the composition of several waves.
- Moved the trial to the Kiln of the First Flame.
- Damage dealt to enemies is now reflected directly in the damage to the wave HP. The wave HP has been increased to work with this new method of damaging it. 
- Each wave will now reload the map when it is over, to circumvent issues that arise from the game not being designed around so many enemies dying in close proximity (i.e. crashes).
- Enemies no longer drop individual drops. Their soul drop has been increased though.
- The rewards after each wave is completed have been increased.
- Curses will now enable Primordial Titanite to be dropped with the normal material reward, following the usual chances as with a boss.

# Covenant
- Company of Champion enemy boost is now 30%.

# Curses
- Curse of Pride: enemy boost is now 30%.
- Curse of Fortitude: enemy boost is now 30%.

# Companions
- Lowered Solaire's damage but reverted his duration back to unlimited. Now the incense is used to warp him to you and to heal him.
- Added Crab Bait: summons El Crabbo (Lesser Crab), who will serve as a battle ally. Same mechanics as Solaire. Found in Farron Keep.
- Added Stick: summons Rocky (Rock Lizard), who will serve as a battle ally. Same mechanics as Solaire. Found in Archdragon Peak.

# Weapons
- Repeating Crossbow WA now shoots a cone of bolts when used, rather than a line.

# Armor
- Clandestine Coat: reduces falling damage and reduces enemy detection via sound by 25%.
- Shadow Set: reduces enemy detection via sight and sound: [10, 20, 5, 15]
- Added the Forlorn Set: dropped by the Forlorn in Road of Sacrifices.
- Added the Jester Set: dropped by Fester the Jester in Profaned Capital.
- Added the Gold-hemmed Black Set: found near the wooden bridge in Catacombs of Carthus.
- Added the Royal Soldier Set: found in the Dreg Heap, in the area below the first angel in the Earthern Peak section.
- Added the Loyce Set: found in Ariandel, at the end of the Depths of the Painting section.
- Added the Charred Loyce Set: found in the Smouldering Lake, in the Old Demon King's arena after the Old Demon King is killed.
- Added Black Stag Helm: dropped by Silver Knight Ledo.
- Added Golem Set: sold by Domhnall of Zena.

# Rings
- Obscuring Ring: reduces enemy detection via sight by 50%.

# Spells
- Adjusted various spell damage/FP costs.
- Dark Dance is now more like the DS2 version, it now shoots 4 black fireballs outwards from the player in the soulmass formation that then tracks towards the target after a short delay.
- Hidden Body: hides player for 60 seconds, reducing enemy detection via sight by 50%. 75% whilst ascended.
- Spook: reduces falling damage and reduces enemy detection via sound by 50%. Lasts 60 seconds. 75% whilst ascended. 
- Changed the healing spell FP regen pause to 6 seconds.
- Changed Fireball and Fire Orb ascended effect to more tracking.
- Reduced the damage of Bursting Fireball.
- Black Fire Orb, Black Fireball and Black Fire Scatter ascended effect is now more tracking.
- Immolation now removes the maggot bleed effect.
- Added Black Fire Vestiges: a high power dark pyromancy spell.
- Replaced Black Fire Orb transposition for Wolnir with Black Fire Vestiges. Black Fire Orb is now part of the Grave Warden tome.

# Items
- Dragon Chaser's Ashes is now given to you by performing the Path of the Dragon gesture in the Dragon-kin Mausoleum.
- Swapped location of the Dark Set and Abyssal Greatsword.
- Added Demonic Claw: take the form of a capra demon. Found in the Chaos Servants offerings.
- Added Forgotten Tablet: take the form of a titanite demon. Found in Untended Graves.
- Moved Great Magic Shield and Scared Flame into the tome shops (no longer treasures).
- Removed the Immortal Dragon Greatshield transposition (now only treasure).
- Moved Heavenly Relief into Way of White offerings (no longer treasure).
- Added Stone of Draconic Fire: emit dragon breath. Found on the sitting dragonform corpse in Irithyll Dungeon, sold by Dragon Remnants covenant.
- Added Stone of Draconic Might: emit dragon roar. Found by praying at the altar in Archdragon Peak, sold by Dragon Remnants covenant.
- Added Dragon Head Stone: enable dragonform head. Sold by the Dragon Remnants covenant.
- Added Dragon Torso Stone: enable dragonform body. Sold by the Dragon Remnants covenant.
- Added Mad Warrior set to Mound-makers offerings.
- Added Forgotten Seal: apply titanite demon head only.
- Added Demonic Skull: apply capra demon head only.
- Havel's Set is now found near to Havel in Archdragon Peak. The treasure that spawns in Farron Keep is now 5 Fire Seeds.

# Enemies
- Gough now only fires in the open area of the arena when fighting the Lordran Remnants.
- The Dragonslayer and The Abyss Walker now come in when the former boss is at 10% HP (was 25%).
- Gough's Arrows now does less damage, but will knock you down.
- Pilgrim Pulpa's initial burst now does less damage, but will knock you down.
- The NPC enemies will now drop their items again if respawned via Blood of Might.
- Moved the mimic on the bridge in Farron Keep down to the lower area.
- Lordran Remnants will now aggro no matter where the player is when they spawn in.

# Map
- Changed Smouldering Lake -> Irithyll Dungeon warp. It is now found by the lava pit near to Tsorig within the Demon Ruins. It is now a door.
- Changed Undead Settlement -> Catacombs of Carthus warp. It is now found in the skeleton passage below the settlement.
- Added warp back from Catacombs to Undead Settlement.
- Added warp back from Irithyll Dungeon to Smouldering Lake.
- Added warp back from Farron Keep to Undead Settlement.
- Changed Cathedral -> Irithyll warp. It is now a statue in the room with the drop down Deep Accursed.
- Added warp back from Irithyll to Cathedral.

# Bugfixes
- Fixed Soul of Cinder respawn warp being in the fogwall.
- Moved the Blue Sentinels covenant to a treasure corpse near to Anri and Horace.
- Added proper item removal to the NG+ advance from the Petrified Giant.
- Cathedral Knight Greatsword WA (Stomp) now uses the correct motion values.
- King's Mirror is now correctly oriented.
- Adjusted the model masks on the Binded Set.
- Fixed Chikage rolling R2 doing too much damage.
- Fixed Deep Protection ascended effect.
- Fester the Jester now actually wears the Jester Set.
- Mask of Sin model mask fixed.
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