Changelog 1.72
# General
- Dream and Nightmare bosses now reward the normal amount of souls for the boss.
- Dreams no longer drop any materials. This means Dreams are better for soul farming, whereas Nightmares are for reinforcement materials (and challenge).

# Curses
- Each curse now only gives 10% soul absorption boost.
- Added Curse of Attraction. Adds additional enemies (some unique to COA) throughout the level and increases target priority. 
- Added Curse of Fortitude. Increases enemy absorption and defence by 25%.
- Made the Curse of Folly trigger animations much less often.
- Curse of Vitality now applies all the time to all enemies.
- Curse of Pride now applies +25% damage to the enemy, and applies it all the time to all enemies.
- Curse of Wrath now increases enemy stamina recovery by 100, and applies it all the time to all enemies.

# Weapons
- Adjusted the innate Luck weapons so they are better with the Lucky infusion and no longer have unusually high Holy/Enchanted infusion output.
- Fire: now reduces Fire ABS by 10% for 5 seconds (stacks).
- Increased the base damage of Lucky/Enchanted/Holy infusions.
- Increased the scaling of the Lucky infusion.
- Increased the motion value of Neck Swipe.
- Stone Greatsword's Tranquil Walk of Peace now applies -200 stamina to enemies (like Frost).
- Increased the motion value of Stomp.
- Increased FP cost of Crystal Blade WA.

# Spells
- Lingering Chaos is now 500 FP, shoots 8 orbs in a scattered formation at once. The damage of each orb is now only 100, deal far less poise/stamina damage and expire after 1 hit.
- Angelic Barrage now does 250 per hit, costs 800 FP.
- Cascading Deep now does 140 per hit.
- Reduced Dark Blade ascended effect to 0.25% (as it scales with spell buff).

# Items
- Moved some NG+ only treasure spots into NG.
- Changed the no hit rewards to soul items of a suitable level for each boss.
- You can now transpose the Soul of Cinder soul into Estus Shards/Undead Bone Shards.
- Dreams now cost 0 souls to buy.
- Nightmares now cost more souls to buy (varies based on boss).
- Changed the Tower Key into the Forgotten Key. Now dropped by a Ravenous Crystal Lizard in Untended Graves. Unlocks locked chests.
- Master Key no longer unlocks locked chests.

# Merchants
- Added Domhnall of Zena as a merchant to the Anor Londo section in Irithyll. He sells his set and a few other items. Note that he does not take kindly to acts of aggression.

# Enemies
- Moved Osvaldo to the area just after the door that exits the swamp area.
- Changed Farron Ring +1/2/3 source to Abyss Watcher mobs.
- Changed Band of Flame +1/2/3 source to Demon Statue mobs.
- Enemies will no longer linger as much if there are many of them.
- Added Red Lizzies.
- Added Crimson Bats (Demon Prince demons) to Smouldering Lake, replacing the Carthus Sandworm.

# Map
- The Cleansing Chapel bonfire now requires you to defeat the living Morne's Armour before it appears.
- Added Dragon Altar menu to Archdragon Peak, allowing you to access the Dragon Remnants covenant stuff after Hawkwood has gone.

# Bugfixes
- Fixed Corvian Dagger heavy attacks not using the new motion values.
- Fire Keeper will now progress past her initial talk about the bonfire after saying it.
- Fixed issue with some weapons having invalid infusion options.
- Poison Spires WA now only hits 3 times (Poison inflict per hit has been increased to compensate for this).
- Horsehoof Ring no longer stops the knockback from the gundyr kick (Note for some enemies you need multiple kicks to break their poise and get the knockback, that is intended).
- Fixed Corvian Knight Helmet not using the right effect.
- Fist R2's no longer let you cancel themselves immediately.
- Fixed double bullet on Moonlight Greatsword 2H R2 (uncharged).
- Fixed crimson bats not giving souls.
- Added the new NPCs to the Blood of Might script.
- Karla's Flirt option is no longer incorrectly enabled by using the Talk option.
- Golden Ritual Spear WA now works.
- Torch/Follower Torch now have STR/DEX scaling damage.
- Mail Breaker WA now costs 30 stamina.
- Fixed Snap Freeze FP cost.
- Fixed issue with Sorcerous Flame left hand cast.
- Fixed Velka's Talisman/Priest's Candlestick (Thanks to Lost Cat)
- Sorcerous Flame now uses a VFX that doesn't expire.
- Curse no longer boosts soul gain from enemy (didn't work anyway).
- Dragonslayer Swordspear WA now correctly uses all scaling for its damage.
- Restored the throne prompts.
- Fixed Hexing Urn not scaling with both INT/FTH.
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