Changelog 1.68
# Menu
- Changed the values the scaling letters represent to better show the player the current scaling of a weapon.
 - E: 0 to 59
 - D: 60 to 99
 - C: 100 to 149
 - B: 150 to 199
 - A: 200 to 249
 - S: 250 and above

# Reinforcement
- Adjusted weapon reinforcement multipliers. The damage curve is now shallower, meaning you start with more damage and end at the same max as before.
- Adjusted infusion balance: Lethal/Sharp/Blunt are now the best (with 99 stats). The elemental infusions however are better than them early on, falling off over time.
- Effectiveness of scaling is linear (i.e. each level in a stat invested returns the same amount). Since weapons start with much better scaling and higher base damage, this doesn't impact initial damage too much, but makes the midgame damage gain less of a jump, whilst retaining the high damage as a possibility, but with the suitable investment required. (TLDR: softcaps dead)

# Weapons
- Reduced the stamina damage and increased the stamina cost of the Penetrating Sword.
- Adjusted the stat requirements for the catalysts.
- Reduced the effectiveness of aux with a few WAs.

# Map
- You now start in the bottom of the Bell Tower. 
- The treasure in the bottom of the Bell Tower has been moved up onto a coffin so you need to drop down to get it.
- The Ashen Estus pickup is now in the bottom of the Bell Tower.
- Firelink Shrine bonfire starts in place, you only need to light it now.
- Added Undead Settlement as a default warp.
- Moved the initial High Wall bonfire to the area that used to have the serpent-men.
- Removed the serpent-men and added some suitable replacement enemies.
- Moved the Archdragon Peak warp into the initial warp room.
- Moved the Dreg Heap warp back to Firelink Shrine, now placed where you originally started, therefore requiring Corrupted Gundyr be killed first.
- The Black Knights near the Undead Pyre are now there normally, but have been reduced down to 2.

# Enemies
- The Thorned Knights are now Burial Knights.

# Trial
- The trial is now only 11 waves long. The first 10 waves are randomised between 3 types.
- Material rewards from the trial have been increased slightly and the ones near the end are better.
- Reduced the wave HP significantly.

# Curse of Pride
- The additional enemies are now just part of the base playthrough. I've toned down some of the more unfair encounters and moved a few enemies around so they make more sense for a base playthrough.
- Curse of Pride: stamina and FP consumption scale upwards based on your current HP.

# Items
- Irithyll: Small Doll is now found in chest in the first area before the barrier.
- Irithyll: The Sulyvahn's Beast on the bridge now drops Twinkling Titanite.
- Rosaria's transpositions now appear after the Deacons are killed.

# Armor
- Reduced the FP regen from armor.
- Quicksilver Set now boosts max FP.
- Hexer Set now boost cast speed.

# Spells
- Reduced the poise damage of Dark Bead.
- Reduced the poise damage of Climax.
- Increased the damage of Great Soul Dregs.
- Increased the damage of Abyssal Edge.

# Bugfixes
- Fixed Undead Legion Leggings having incorrect value for damage boost.
- Fixed Handmaid's Ladle not being present in Firelink Shrine.
- Fixed Numbness not working when ascended.
- Fixed Smouldering Shield not using the Shield Bash WA.
- Fixed a few inactive enemies in the High Wall.
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