Changelog 1.67
# Curses
- Curse of Gluttony changed to Curse of Obscurity. You are now shrouded in darkness.
- Curse of Vulnerability changed to Curse of Folly. You will randomly do a gesture animation every 60 to 120 seconds.
- Reduced the damage multipliers but increased the HP multipliers for enemies in NG+.

# Stats
- Adjusted the stats of the Heretic, Outcast and Skeptic classes.

# Weapons
- Removed Lord's Chime.
- Removed Darkmoon Ritual Staff.
- Removed Logan's Staff.
- Fire/Dark infusion now acts like a psuedo-raw infusion, as you'll get 30% of the damage irrespective of stats.
- Increased the damage of bolts with Repeat Fire WA, but lowered status inflict.

# Status Effects
- Poison and Bleed no longer scale with Luck (Humanity).
- Increased the amount of inflict for all types, in general: 30 (for quick), 50 (for normal), 80 (for slow). This is doubled for infusions on those with innate inflict.
- Increased duration of non-lethal Curse to 30 seconds

# Catalysts
- Spell ascension is active whilst using a catalyst at maximum reinforcement, rather than at specific stat levels.
- Removed the Dark/Non-Dark catalyst mechanic.
- Reduced the scaling on the hybrid weapons so they are mid-tier.
- Reduced the max scaling for catalysts down to 3 (from 4).
- Removed the Lord's Chime (Sacred Chime of Filianore now replaces it in terms of power).
- Pyromancy catalysts now have a 'free' 50% effectiveness of scaling, meaning they start off better than the other schools due to the reduced need for stats.
- Dark catalysts now all have both INT/FTH scaling. The total is higher than the normal catalysts, to account for the 2 stats required for max damage.
- Added some innate effects to a few of the catalysts.
- Spell buff (within a school and type) is now the same across most catalysts, except the 'starting' catalysts, which are slightly lower.
- Sacred Chime of Filianore no longer increases the AOE of healing spells (this is because that is now part of the ascension system, and the mechanic used by the chime is what enables it for all of the catalysts).

# Spells
- All Dark spells now scale from INT/FTH
- Increased the damage of normal and dark pyromancies.
- Vow of Agony now does dark damage.
- Increased damage of Way of White Corona to 200 per hit.
- Removed the limited uses from any spells that had it. Upped the cost of heals a bit.
- Vow of Agony now summons a big circle below the player, that harms enemies that walk into it. Lasts 30 seconds (hits once per second), costs 60 FP.
- Angelic Ray is now Angelic Barrage, acts a bit like crystal hail, but with a more accurate firing method.
- Limited Vow of Agony to 1 instance active at any one time.
- Added Divine Arrow: a soul arrow like miracle purchased from Rosaria.
- Added Lothric's Holy Spear: a holy soul spear miracle transposed from his soul.
- Added Proof of a Pact: summon Ledo to smash foe. Dropped by one of the judicators in the Ringed City.
- Power Within now only removes 1% per second.

# Items
- Added Ring of Betrothal. Found in Irithyll.
- Brightbug now lasts 30 seconds and only boosts by 10%. Limited to 10 held.
- Added a few more dark spells to Yoel, to help starting dark spellcasters.
- Shrine Handmaid no longer sells the starting spells.
- Added Soul of Corrupted Gundyr.
- Added Soul of the Ancient Wyvern.
- Added Soul of the Triad.
- Lord's Blade Set is now available from the Shrine Handmaid after defeating the Triad.
- Re-arranged a few items between covenants/transpositions/treasures.

- Soul of Corrupted Gundyr transposes into:
 - Writhing Hammer
 - Cursed Ring of Evasion
 - Cursed Ring of Vengeance
 - Cursed Ring of Deflection
 - Cursed Ring of Confusion

- Soul of the Ancient Wyvern transposes into:
 - Dragon King Greataxe
 - Dragon Greatsword
 - Immortal Dragon Greatshield
 - Ancient Dragon Halberd 
 - Dragon Bone Fist

- Soul of the Triad transposes into:
 - Dragonslayer Spear
 - Ciaran's Tracers
 - Leo Ring
 - Greatshield of Artorias
 - Greatsword of Artorias

# Rings
- Chloranthy Ring: now grants 20/30/40/50 stamina recovery.

# Enemies
- Yhorm's flame patch lasts 15 seconds (was 8).
- Iudex Gundyr is now a early to mid-tier boss that you can face early optionally.
- Reduced the melee absorptions for some bosses to make melee better against them.
- Changed the damage output of the Triad members.
- Reduced the damage of the Angels.
- Reduced boss and enemy HP in several places.

# Map
- Added warp from the lower part of Smouldering Lake to the top area, allowing you to turn off the ballista quicker.
- Player now starts in Firelink Shrine.
- Moved the Undead Pyre bonfire on to the ridge you find Siegward, rename it to Giant's Tower.
- Added Thorned Knights in the Cemetery of Ash.
- Added 5 unnamed Undead Hexers around the Undead Settlement.
- Added 2 unnamed Roaming Sorcerers in the first part of Road of Sacrifices.
- Removed a few Corvians from the first part of Road of Sacrifices.
- The Judicator in the swamp is now a one-time spawn, and drops the Proof of the Pact spell.
- The swamp in the Ringed City now inflicts Curse (slowly).

# Trial
- Reduced the HP of the Afflicted Swarm wave.
- Reduced the HP of the Wraiths of the Abyss wave.

# Armor
- Crown of the Forgotten Lord is now Ludleth's Crown.

# Bugfixes
- Fixed various small oversights.
- Fixed Sacred Chime of Filianore not casting the miracles that use its AOE mechanic.
- Fixed Priest's Candlestick.
- Nightmare memories are now removed upon entering NG+.
- Sources that unlock Primordial Forging now award an item: the Primordial Scroll. This is now what unlocks the options. This means Primordial Forging will now persist into NG+ if you've already unlocked it.
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