Changelog 1.65
# General
- Reduced the damage multipliers in NG+ for enemies.
- Removed the multipliers to the elemental defences in area/ng scaling, so split damage weapons aren't unduly reduced.
- Reduced the physical defence of enemies in the early zones significantly.
- Defense and Resist now only come from Soul Level, not individual stats.
- Defence Scale: {1:50, 100:100, 200:150, 300:200, 400:300}
- Resist Scale: {1:50, 100:100, 200:150, 300:200, 400:300}

# Champion's Pact
- Split into five options, each giving 20% soul absorption.
- Toggled behind each of the Lord of Cinder thrones, where the engravings used to be.
 - Curse of Pride: Adds additional enemies in the world.
 - Curse of Wrath: Enemies will gain 1% damage per second after combat begins.
 - Curse of Gluttony: FP and stamina consumption is increased by 50%.
 - Curse of Vulnerability: Reduces absorption by 50%.
 - Curse of Agony: Lose 10 + 0.5% HP every second.

# Status Effects:
- Frost: reduces defense by 75%, rather than absorption by 20%.

# Weapons
- Improved the reinforcement multipliers so damage scales better into the lategame. (i.e. Max scaling went from 2 to 2.3)
- Improved the scaling multipliers for Lethal/Sharp/Blunt so they keep up with the other infusions.
- Boosted the stock multipliers to lower the gap between infusions and stock.
- Scythe of Want: increases soul absorption by 20%.
- Reverted the backstab/riposte motion values to vanilla.
- Friede's Great Scythe now deals its magic damage on its normal attacks.
- Reduced critical boost from Lethal to 10.
- Restored the bow animation speeds to the older version (they were accidently reverted recently).
- Fire Infusion DOT: now lasts 5 seconds, deals 5 + 0.2% damage every 0.3 seconds.
- Lightning Infusion: now lasts 5 seconds.

# Spells
- Sacred Oath now only boosts Physical and Lightning attack damage (+ absorption stuff).
- Lightning Arrow: damage to 200.
- Heavenly Thunder: damage to 150.
- Emit Force: damage to 300 (100).
- Farron Dart: damage to 100
- Great Farron Dart: damage to 150
- Halo: now acts more like Gael's halo spell.
- Increased the base speed of the Lightning Arrow animation.

# Rings
- Greatwood Remnants: Increases physical defence by 50% but increases evasive stamina consumption by 50%.

# Enemies
- Enemies that once dropped random equipment no longer drop it. All equipment is now either treasure or guaranteed one-time drops from specific enemies. Enemies still drop non-equipment items.
- The Executioner is now the Abyss Walker in the Triad boss fight.

# Map
- Added 16 new treasure corpses and 7 chests to Ariandel.
- Made the Pilgrim Angels slightly less accurate.
- New journey giant is now only present in Cemetery of Ash, and is on the side route at the start.
- Added 71 treasures for the once random equipment.

# Bugfixes
- Fixed a few new weapons that were missed when doing the damage/scaling for their infusions.
- Blue Flame is now correctly only Sorceries.
- Self-damage will no longer trigger the enemy buffs on the player from the Champion's Pact.
- Fixed Black Dragon Sword vfx/hitbox.
- Fixed Black Dragon Greatsword vfx/hitbox.
- Fixed the Forlorn not meeting weapon reqs.
- Glaive Master Hodir now wields actual glaives.
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