Changelog 1.62
# Classes
- Adjusted some of the classes stats and equipment.

# Weapons
- Reduced the multipliers used in reinforcement to bring the total output closer to vanilla, as currently it is a bit excessive.
- Increased backstab/riposte multipliers up to 150% (200% with Hornet Ring). 
- For Daggers, it is 200% (250%) for backstabs.
- For Rapiers, it is 200% (250%) for ripostes.
- Removed the self-inflict from Curse weapons.
- Priscilla's Scythe now deals Bleed and self-Bleed again. It has a special configuration of Bleed, where it has low Bleed inflict, but it deals much more % damage when it is actually inflicted.
- All the dark catalysts now provide 20% boost to dark damage when below 25% HP.
- Removed effects from Lord's Chime, Logan's Staff, Chaos Flame, White Hair Talisman, Crystal Chime, Court Sorcerer's Staff, Darkmoon Ritual Staff.

# Status Effects
- Curse:
 - Effect:
   - Reduces absorption by 10% on proc. Stacks.
   - Reduces damage by 10% on proc. Stacks.
   - Other effects removed.

# Rings
- Sage Ring: Grants 25 Casting Speed

# Spells
- Actually increased the damage of Sacred Flame.
- Increased the effect of cast speed on animations heavily.
- Changed the DEX cast speed range to 20 to 99, to make it more difficult to get the quickest animation speed.
- Reduced Orbs of Judgment orb duration to 15 seconds.
- Reduced the bleed inflict of Devouring Swarm to 15 (per bullet)
- Reduced the damage of Cataclysm/Earthfall to 75 (per bullet)
- Dark spells now cost HP, rather than FP.
- Dark spells no longer self-inflict Curse.
- Only the following Dark spells now inflict Curse:
 - Deep Barb
 - Deep Soul
 - Great Deep Soul
 - Great Soul Dregs
 - Yearning Dregs
 - Writhing Deep
 - Cascading Deep
 - Surging Deep
 - Dreg Torrent

# Shops
- Chaos Servants now sell a Soul of a Demon and Soul of a Stray Demon.
- Primordial Forging is automatically unlocked in NG+.

# Enemies
- Dream bosses now drop Primordial Titanite, the Nightmare versions just drop more.
- Reduced the HP of the hostile NPCs.
- Basilisks now deal Dark damage with their breath.
- Reduced the base Curse resist of enemies down to 25% of their original value.

# High Wall of Lothric
- Removed the 2 Lothric Knights in the Dancer hall.
- Removed the 2 Winged Knights near Vordt's entrance.
- Moved some enemies into Eclipse only spawning.

# Bugfixes
- Dragon Acolyte NPCs and the Primordial NPCs now respawn when Blood of Might is used.
- Fixed event flag conflict causing the Forge options to appear early.
- The issues with multiplayer stability should be fixed.
- Gnaw spells no longer penetrate the map.
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