Changelog 1.58
# General
- Stacking rings now has a 5 minute duration for each stack. This is per instance, so they'll drop off gradually.
- Resting at a bonfire will now remove 100 stacks of the stacking rings.

# Rings
- Reverted Arcane Trinket back to original effect.
- Renamed Beastwood Ring to Beastial Band.
- Carthus Bloodring: Shifts evasion class down one tier and obscures rolling.
- Carthus Milkring: Reduces the evasion stamina consumption by 50% and obscures rolling, but removes defence.
- Greatwood Remnants: Boosts absorption by 10% but doubles evasion stamina consumption.
- Enchanted Quiver: extends the range of arrows by 250 whilst at full health.
- Old Pygmy Brooch: boosts defence by 100% and prevents staggering whilst at full health.
- Ring of the Exalted: Boosts damage, max HP, FP, Stamina and Equip Load by 25%.

# Items
- Reduced Ceaseless Dung Pie FP cost to 10
- Old Growth Balm: +10 STR
- Vine Balm: +10 DEX
- Blackweed Balm: +10 INT
- Goldenfruit Balm: +10 FTH

# Enemies
- Increased the HP of many enemies. This is match enemy durability with player power better.
- The Pursuer now deals more damage in the later areas.

# Treasure
- Added Lethal Gem treasure in Undead Settlement.
- Added Blunt Gem treasure in Undead Settlement.
- Changed Dragonslayer Greatbow treasure in High Wall to Longbow.

# Bugfix
- Ring of Champions script fixed.
- Hodrick no longer has unusally high HP.
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