Changelog 1.57
# Rings
- Changed Quelling Ring into Beastwood Ring: Kills increase damage by 1% but lower absorption by 1%. Stacks.
- Changed Bountiful Quiver into Enchanted Quiver: Kills increase bow range by 10. Stacks.
- Changed Old Pygmy Brooch: Kills increase max HP by 1%. Stacks.
- Changed Arcane Trinket: Kills increase max FP by 1%. Stacks.
- Changed Wretched Pendant: Kills increase max Stamina by 1%. Stacks.

# Items
- Increased the soul reward from the NG+ soul items.

# Enemies
- Dummy Pilgrim can now be backstabbed.
- Pus of Man can now be backstabbed.
- Giant Serpent-Man can now be backstabbed.

# Bugfixes
- Fixed VFX issue with the Fire/Chaos infusions
- Fixed Soul of the Rotted Greatwood not being usable.
- Greatshield of Glory now actually reduces stamina recovery.
- Fixed various NG+ treasure overrides so all important items are retained in NG+.
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