Changelog 1.56
# General
- Item Discovery Scale: {1:1, 25:1.25, 50:1.5, 75:1.75, 99:2}
- Increased base equip load by 25%.
- Ancient Wyvern defeat will no longer teleport the player into the Dragon-kin Masoleum.

# Weapons
- Increased Beast Cutter bleed aux.
- Granted Beasthunter Saif innate Bleed.
- Granted Beasthunter Saif 10 Critical.
- Granted Burial Blade 20 Critical.
- Granted Burial Scythe 20 Critical.
- Dark Hand may now be ascended, making it into a scaling weapon.
- All the non-scaling weapons can be ascended, making them into scaling weapons.
- Reduced item discovery boosting weapons to +50.
- Increased effect of Warcry to 15%

# Infusions
- Lucky now only provides +50 Item Discovery.
- Ascended infusion no longer requires max reinforcement. This is because it limited the discoverability of the infusion, as it wouldn't appear when a weapon was infused or wasn't at max.

# Shields
- Reduced item discovery boosting shields to +50.

# Armor
- Reduced the stamina regen for the ultra heavy armors to -10/-5.

# Map
- Adjusted the NG+/CoC Enemies in the High Wall of Lothric.
- Adjusted the NG+/CoC Enemies in Archdragon Peak.
- Moved the dummy into the lower area near to Andre.

# Enemies
- Hostile NPCs (including vanilla) now drop their weapon/item and reinforcement materials.
- Reduced the Pursuer (late) damage multiplier.
- Reduced Tsorig damage multiplier.
- Plunge attack now deals 10,000 damage to the Ancient Wyvern.
- Adjusted Boss soul reward amounts to account for echoes and their difficulty in Cinders.
- Increased the souls rewarded to summons for boss kills.
- Reduced the thrust absorption of enemies to give thrust weapons more of a niche.

# Items
- Adjusted awestone prices.
- Beastly Flesh and Blood of Might now resets item drop flags for the enemies, allowing their unique drops to be dropped again.
- Ludleth now drops a Titanite Slab upon being killed.
- Fume Sword is now dropped by the mimic in the Catacombs of Carthus.
- Rusted Coin and Rusted Gold Coin can now stack.
- Hallowed Sword and Greatsword now gain the benefit of Lucky infusion.
- Dung Pie: deals 20 HP damage per second for 300 seconds.
- Ceaseless Dung Pie: deals 30 HP damage per second for 300 seconds.
- Witching Urn damage scales with INT
- Hexing Urn damage scales with INT/FTH
- Demon King's Greataxe and Quelaag's Fury Sword is now transfused from the Old Demon King soul.
- Demon's Great Hammer and Demon's Machete now transfused form the Soul of a Demon
- Boss soul items now provide special effects rather than additional souls.
- Added Canvas Talisman treasure in Undead Settlement.

# Rings
- Ring of Champions now cycles through the colors of the rainbow.

# Covenant
- Increased the drop rate of covenant materials (except Awestones) to 10% whilst their respective emblems are equipped.
- Base Awestone drop chance is now 2.5%.
- Ludleth now has 5 pact options:
 - Evlana: adds additional enemies, increases base awestone chance to 5%.
 - Nahr Alma: reduces absorption by 100%, adds awestone roll at 2.5% chance.
 - Kremmel: increases weapon FP and stamina costs by 50%, adds awestone roll at 2.5% chance.
 - Caitha: reduces HP/FP/Stamina by 50%, adds awestone roll at 2.5% chance.
 - Caffery: reduces soul gain by 60%, adds awestone roll at 2.5% chance.
- Each pact adds its own roll, so using multiple will stack (i.e. you can get 5 awestones from 1 kill).

# Memories
- The echo system is now split into two items, collectively called Memories.
 - Dream of X: this item spawns X boss as it is normally, but doubles the soul reward and permits the dropping of Shards of Ascension.
 - Nightmare of X: this item spawns X boss with big buffs and new minions, but multiplies the soul reward by 10, permits the dropping of numerous Shards of Ascension, and increases the Awestone drop amount.
- Both types of items are purchased from the Firekeeper from her 'Memories' option. They each appear after the relevant boss has been defeated once normally.

# Bugfixes
- Fixed some bugged localization.
- Fixed various weapon arts so they work correctly with elemental infusions.
- Fixed the Fleshbite Ring chest.
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