Changelog 1.55
# Weapons
- Corvian Great Scythe now only has Bleed, but starts with 40 aux.
- Increased the damage of the non-scaling dragon weapons.
- Reduced the reinforcement cost of non-scaling dragon weapons.

# Infusions
- Crystal, Chaos, Voltaic and Abyssal infusions are now standard infusions for the unique weapons (i.e. you just need a gem). They no longer boost the output of the weapon, rather they provide the option to shift the damage type and scaling around, plus their unique effect.
- Ascended infusion now costs 50 shards.
- Ascended infusion now requires the weapon to be at max reinforcement before it can be applied.
- Adjusted the Ascended infusion, split the increase between base damage and scaling, and reducing the overall boost to ~30%.
- Increased the Abyssal and Crystal on hit effect amount on hit.

# Shields
- Adjusted shield stability and stability multiplier from reinforcement.

# Shops
- Patches now sells the Smelter Hammer, Sunlight Greatsword, Beast Cutter,
Grant and Bramd weapons.
- Adjusted the soul price of Ludleth's consumable items.
- Adjusted the awestone cost of Ludleth's items.

# Items
- Giant's Coal is now found in the Flameless Shrine. This gates the Ascended infusion behind killing the 4 Lords of Cinder.
- Shards of Ascension now only drop from some bosses. The amount dropped has also been adjusted.

# Enemies
- Increased the Old Demon King's fire damage.
- Reduced the early NPC damage/HP.

# Bugfixes
- Added some missing localization.
- Changed Dragon Acolyte SL to 8.
- Iudex Gundyr bonfire is now disabled on echo use.
- Darkmoon Faithful emblem drop is no longer 100%.
- Fixed Demon's scar localization.
- New models should no longer disappear on NPCs at a distance.
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