Changelog 1.52
# General
- Added Echo system. This allows you to re-fight bosses you have already defeated, although they shall return in an empowered form.  
 - All bosses now drop a "Echo of X", where X is their name. 
 - This can be used to reset their state and allows you to refight them. 
 - Note this will also reset anything that requires the boss defeat, i.e. items in a shop.
 - Bosses are empowered, increasing HP significantly and damage slightly. The amount of souls they drop is increased significantly.
 - This stacks with the NG+ boost when actually in NG+.
- NG+ tree can be used at any time, it is no longer disabled after Iudex Gundyr.
- Added i-frames to the backstep animations - they are active during the 'backstep' part of the animation, for the ninja backflip, they are active throughout the whole animation.
- Increased the amount of i-frames the Carthus Milkring grants you.
- Added snek's changes to weapon movesets, allowing for more fluid attacks across various movesets.

# Stats
- Soul Level: Defence Scale: {1:0, 50:25, 100:50, 150:75, 200:100}
- Attunement: FP Scale: {1:100, 20:150, 40:200, 60:250, 99:300}

# Weapons
- Adjusted the weight of many weapons to fit the weight range for their type.
- Winged Knight Twinaxes: STR Req -> 18
- Repeating Crossbow: STR/DEX Req -> 20
- Adjusted Tailbone weapon reqs and damage.
- Witching/Hexing Urn now scale with STR/DEX, like firebombs.
- Increased damage of the Scythe category.
- All scythes (except Pontiff Knight Great Scythe) use Friede's Great Scythe's animations for normal attacks.
- Sorcerous Flame can cast sorceries.
- Holy Flame can cast miracles.

# Shields
- Reduced the stability of the crest shields and the Kite Shield.
- Reduced Lightning ABS on Havel's Greatshield.

# Armor
- Increased the Elite Knight Set physical ABS.
- Increased the Wolf Knight Set physical ABS.
- Dragon Form ABS adjusted, and it no longer increases resistances.

# Spells
- Adjusted spell FP and damage values.

# Rings
- Pontiff's Right Eye: Grants 5% HP with successive attacks.
- Pontiff's Left Eye: Grants 5% FP with successive attacks.

# Enemies
- Made some of the added enemies in High Wall CoC only.
- Iudex Gundyr: HP -> 2000
- Bosses now drop different amounts of Awestones, depending on their difficulty.
- Ancient Wyvern now only loses a small portion of its HP to plunging attacks.
- Adjusted the HP of Elder Ghru, Deep Accursed and Giant Crystal Lizards.
- Reduced HP drain from Wolnir's bracelet.
- Wolnir attack animations are now quicker.
- Increased the HP of all boss parts.
- Adjusted the HP and damage of the hostile NPCs.

# Covenant
- Reduced the Awestone price for armors.
- Added Ring of Champions to Awestone shop.

# Items
- Moved the Crypt Ring to Undead Settlement.
- Andre will now teach you the Call Over gesture.
- Dragon Head Stone: Shoot fire breath, dealing 100 Fire damage, has 150% INT and 150% FTH scaling.
- Twinkling Dragon Head Stone: Shoot fire breath, dealing 150 Fire damage, has 150% INT and 150% FTH scaling.
- Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone: Summon giant hands, smashing the ground, dealing 1000 Physical damage, has 200% STR scaling.

# Bugfixes
- Blizzard now inflicts the new Frost status effect.
- Fixed Great Soul Dregs not using the correct reqs.
- Added _l versions of the Dragonform models.
- Fixed Skull Ring chest.
- The back routes to the Dancer are now blocked whilst she is alive.
- Fixed Spider Shield effect.
- Fixed Blades of Mercy model.
- Acolyte now has bolts in their loadout.
- Fixed two Mimic itemlots not having flags.
- Changed every old Cinders added event flag to follow the FROM style within the maps.
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