Changelog 1.50
# Covenant
- Increased the awestone prices slightly.
- Reduced the cost of the other covenant items.
- Added Sunset Set to Mound-makers.
- Added Sunless Set to Darkmoon Faithful.
- Added Wolf Knight Set to Watchdogs of Farron.
- Added Archdeacon Set to Aldrich Faithful.
- Added Armor of the Sun Set to Warrior of Sunlight.
- Added Cornyx's Set to Chaos Servants.
- Added Shira's Set to Spears of the Church.
- Removed the 100% Awestone drops from hostile NPCs and mimics.

# Infusions
- Lucidity: Grants 10% (+0) to 20% (+10) reduction to weapon/spell FP cost
- Respite: Grants 10% (+0) to 20% (+10) Equip Load
- Greed: Grants 10% (+0) to 20% (+10) soul gain.
- Reduced the boost innate weapons get with matching infusions.
- Reduced cost of infusions.

# Weapons
- Increased greatarrow damage.
- Adjusted Drangleic Sword, Greatsword and Velka's Rapier to follow category damage adjustment.
- Slowed down the regular bow and greatbow animation speed to 1.5 (from 2).
- Engraved Dagger: reduces FP cost of miracles by 10%
- Archdeacon's Longstaff: upon the death of an enemy, nearby corpses explode with dark energies.
- Increased spear/pike damage range and adjusted scaling spread.
- Reduced poison damage from Poison Spores WA to 15 per tick.

# Shields
- Boosted shield effects.
- Elkhorn Round Shield: grants 10% Equip Load
- Llewellyn Shield: grants 20% absorption below 25% health.
- Golden Wing Crest Shield: increases spell duration by 50%.
- Greatshield of Glory is now the best shield for blocking, but reduces stamina recovery by 10.
- Wolf Knight's Greatshield: increases max stamina by 15%.
- Loch Shield: grants 1 FP per second

# Armor
- Restored old absorptions for armor. 
- Ultra Heavy armor reduces stamian recovery.
- Symbol of Avarice: boosts item discovery by 100 and soul gain by 50%, but reduces reduces health by 10 every second.

# Items
- Added Notes on Weapon Infusions and Notes on Shield Infusions items to the table near Andre. These items tell you the passive effects the infusions add to weapons and shields.
- Covetous Silver Serpent Ring moved to Archdragon Peak.
- Increased the effect of the embers to 25%.
- Tarnished Coin: Boosts soul gain by 15% until death.
- Tarnished Silver Coin: Boosts soul gain by 30% until death.
- Added Torch to Andre.
- Removed Wolf Knight Set from Shrine Handmaid (Untended Graves).
- Removed Sunless Set drop from Lilla of the Sunless Realms.
- Removed Sunset Set drop from Holy Knight Morton.
- Changed Armor of the Sun Set treasure location into 5 Sunlight Medals.

# Rings
- Reduced Prisoner's Chain debuff to 10%.
- Reduced stamina recovery debuff of Runic Seal to -15
- Reduced stamina recovery debuff of Greatwood Remnants to -15
- Champion's Pact: Boosts souls from enemies by 10%.
- Rosaria's Fingers: Boosts item discovery by 50.
- Removed NG+ rings. Buffed the base rings to compensate for this.
- Removed the following rings:
 - Forgotten Pendant
 - Desiccated Finger
 - Yellow Tearstone Ring
 - Ring of Woe
 - Ring of Adversity
 - Ring of Catastrophe
 - Ring of Constitution
 - Ring of Fortitude
 - Ring of Clarity
 - Iron Grain Ring
 - Elder Dragoncrest Ring
 - Ring of Disparity
 - Ring of the Sun
 - Abyss Ring
 - Ring of Alacrity
 - Vanquisher Ring
 - Celestial Ring
 - Acolyte Ring
 - Sage's Emblem
- Changed the damage ring design: now it split between a lesser and major damage boost ring, i.e. Young Dragon Ring, Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring.
- The old damage boost for cost increase rings, such as Dusk Crown Ring, are now FP cost reduction rings.
- Unholy Remains is now the major dark spell damage ring, with Deep Ring being the lesser.
- Skull Ring is now the major physical damage ring.

# Spells
- Climax now has 400 base dark damage.

# Enemies
- Reduced the HP of the enemies in High Wall of Lothric and Cemetery of Ash.
- Rock Lizards have a rare chance to drop Titanite Slabs.

# Maps
- Moved the Water Reserve bonfire up to the area before the ladder.

# Bugfixes
- Ring of Wisdom +1 is now gated behind the Cinders of a Lord requirement properly.
- Whip 1H light attack 1 is now properly slowed down to 1.25 (was 1.5).
- Velka's Rapier now has boosted base damage with its Dark infusion.
- Fixed bad row id causing the Grave Key not to be added in the Shrine Handmaid's shop.
- Fixed bugged Loch Shield infusions.
- The hollowing boosts for the catalysts should now work correctly.
- Ring of Londor will no longer cancel the buff when switching weapons.
- Fixed various oversights with weapon attributes.
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