Changelog 1.49
# General
- Reduced NG+ correction multipliers for HP and damage, increased for souls. This makes the later NG+ enemies less deadly and easier to kill.
- Removed the passive 1 FP per second.

# Status Effects
- Poison: Deals 15 damage per second. Reduces enemy attack by 10% whilst active.
- Frost: Deals 10 damage per second. Reduces enemy absorption by 10% whilst active, and reduces stamina recovery by 30.

# Covenant
- Increased the tier 3 Champion's Pact item purchase costs.
- Restricted the boss rings available with the Champion's Pact behind their boss kills.
- Added NG+ rings to the Champion's Pact offerings, available after placing the 4 Cinders of Lords.
- Added armor to Champion's Pact offerings. 

# Classes
- Cleric now starts with Way of White Corona.

# Weapons
- Adjusted overall scaling multipler from normal reinforcement (now 1.4, was 1.5)
- Adjusted infusions to make matching infusions better, reduced the power of elemental infusions on non-matching weapons, and reduced the power of Lucky, Enchanted and Holy on non-matching weapons.
- Reduced spell buff and reduced the gap between different catalysts.
- Adjusted the stamina consumption modifier for a few weapons.
- Made most of the chimes with Weapon Skill now use Gentle Prayer once more.
- Reduced the motion value used by Repeat Fire with bolts.
- Storm Ruler WA now deals 500% poise damage (up from 200%).
- Slowed down the whip animations to 125% (from 150%) playback speed.
- Brigand Axe now uses Warcry again.
- Ancient Dragon Halberd now uses Halberd moveset and Chain Spin WA.
- Reduced the damage of Bonewheel Shield and Cart Wheel.

# Spells
- Removed Lightning Bolt.
- Emit Force uses its own animation again.
- Perseverance now prevents staggering but reduces stamina recovery by 30 for 60 seconds.
- Whisper of Despair: reduces enemy absorption by 10% for 60 seconds.
- Acid Surge: reduces enemy absorption by 10% whilst in it.
- Restored Mournful Flames: transposed from Wolnir's soul.

# Armor
- Crown of the Great Lord: provides immunity to status effects and grants backflip animation.
- Crown of the Great Lord is now just a separate drop when defeating the Soul of Cinder.
- Pursuer's Set: Increase damage against Hollows by 10%
- Gundyr Set: Increases stamina recovery by 20
- Catarina Set: Increases enemy attack deflection by 50

# Rings
- Weakened the strength of the NG+ rings as NG+ now requires less obscene boosts.
- Increased the strength of NG0 rings in some cases.
- Flynn's Ring: Boosts stamina recovery by 30, scaling downwards with equip load to 0 at 30 weight.
- The following were removed due to the issues adding flat damage causes.
- Removed Band of Stone.
- Removed Band of Magic.
- Removed Band of Flame.
- Removed Band of Sparks.
- Removed Band of Darkness.

# Items
- Moved Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +0 to Grand Archives.
- Moved Arcane Trinket +0 to High Wall of Lothric Mimic.
- Moved Acolyte Ring +0 to Irithyll Dungeon Mimic.
- Moved Engraved Dagger to High Wall of Lothric Mimic.
- A few early Crystal Lizards now drop Twinkling Titanite rather than Titanite Scales.
- Rock Lizards now only drop Dragon Scales.
- Black Knights and Silver Knights now drop Twinkling Titanite.

# Enemies
- Increased the base HP of many enemies.
- Adjusted boss HP.
- Yhorm is now vunerable to the Storm Ruler again, but the % damage is half of vanilla.
- Curse-rotted Greatwood sacs now deal vanilla % to boss.
- Changed the hostile NPC battle goal IDs so they function in a more sensible way.

# NPCs
- Andre now offers many more weapons by default, and more unlock with ash turn-in. 
- Reinforcement material are now granted with limited stock with all the ashes, with the unlimited stock becoming available once the Lords of Cinder have been placed.
- Orbeck will now give you the Young Dragon Ring after you give him a scroll and have defeated the Crystal Sage.
- Orbeck will now give you the Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring after you give him a scroll and have defeated the Oceiros.
- Rosaria now has an option to "Pledge loyalty to Rosaria", which will progress Leonhard's and Heysel's quest line and fail Sirris's.

# Bugfixes
- Fixed missing moveset attributes, which caused visual hit effects not to appear for some weapons.
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