Changelog 1.47.1
# Bugfixes
- Fixed lefthand Lifehunt Scythe animation speed.
- Pursuer's Ultra Greatsword description for the skill now reflects the actual movement for the strong attack.
- Pursuer's Ultra Greatsword (Lightning Infusion) now has the correct INT/FTH scaling.
- Added the additional Critical the Lethal Infusions adds for the new Bloodborne weapons.
- Fixed Ollis the Merciless not dropping his item.
- Fixed Vileblood Annalise not dropping her item.
- The Pursuer now correctly appears in the Profaned Capital.
- The Pursuer now correctly appears in the Grand Archives.
- Dreg Heap and Untended Graves warps are now only usable after the Firelink Shrine bonfire is activated.
- Dark Edge and Abyssal Edge now actually cost FP.
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