Changelog 1.45
# General
- FP now automatically regenerates at a rate of 2 FP per second. Wielding a Spell Tool grants additional FP per second, differing based on the spell tool.
- Outcast now starts with Heretic's Staff and Deep Barb, Dark Touch and Nibble as spells.
- Profane Ascetic has been removed. It is troublesome to balance challenges and rewards around the ability to instantly enter NG+, as such an ability is ripe for exploits. 

# Covenants
- Company of Champions no longer affects absorption. Target priority increased to 0.5. It now causes additional enemies to appear in levels (NG+ and CoC only enemies).

# Weapons
- Reduced the damage of the Staff of Serpents inline with the rest of the Staff category.
- Increased base damage of Daggers by 5
- Decreased base damage of Straight Swords by 5 to 10
- Many weapons no longer use the Titanite path for reinforcement..
- The hybrid weapon/spell tools can no longer be infused.
- Adjusted requirements for many weapons.

# Infusions 
- Infusions are now a tool for changing a weapon into one suitable for different builds, but at a cost. This means all infusions are worse damage-wise than the uninfused weapon. - However, all infusions provide a utility in some form, such as a passive or on hit effect. 
- This change is to make infusions tools, rather than upgrades for weapons. This gives value back to weapons that already have the effects of infusions (i.e. Moonlight Greatsword) since they suffer no damage reduction for their form, but retains the option of changing weapons to better suit a build, just now it comes with the downside of slightly reduced damage.
- Removed Heavy, Light and Refined infusions.
- Renamed Cursed infusion as Lethal.
- Changed Lethal infusion: decreases base damage by 5%, increases Critical by +20.
- Changed Raw infusion: no longer reduces requirements.
- Changed Poison Infusion: reduces base damage by 5%.
- Changed Blood Infusion: reduces base damage by 5%.
- Changed Frost Infusion: reduces base damage by 5%.
- Changed the other infusions (Magic, Fire, Lightning, Dark, Lucky, Enchanted and Holy) to now provide the utility of their damage type or scaling source but with a 5% reduction in damage. 

# Ammunition
- Feather Arrow: 60 Physical Damage
- Wood Arrow: 70 Physical Damage
- Standard Arrow: 80 Physical Damage
- Large Arrow: 100 Physical Damage
- Moonlight Arrow: 100 Magic Damage
- Fire Arrow: 100 Fire Damage
- Lightning Arrow: 100 Lightning Damage
- Dark Arrow: 100 Dark Damage
- Poison Arrow: 60 Physical Damage
- Lacerating Arrow: 60 Physical Damage
- Frost Arrow: 60 Physical Damage
- Draconic Arrow: 120 Physical Damage
- Dragonslayer Greatarrow: 120 Physical Damage
- Dragonslayer Lightning Arrow: 120 Lightning Damage
- Onislayer Greatarrow: 110 Physical Damage
- Increased velocity of Onislayer Greatarrows.
- Millwood Greatarrow: 130 Physical Damage
- Reduced range of Millwood Greatarrows.
- Moonlight Greatarrow: 120 Magic Damage
- Demonic Greatarrow: 120 Fire Damage
- Corrupted Greatarrow: 120 Dark Damage
- Added homing to Corrupted Greatarrow.
- Draconic Greatarrow: 150 Physical Damage
- Wood Bolt: 70 Physical Damage
- Standard Bolt: 80 Physical Damage
- Sniper Bolt: 90 Physical Damage
- Heavy Bolt: 100 Physical Damage
- Splintering Bolt: 70 Physical Damage
- Exploding Bolt: 100 Fire Damage
- Magic Bolt: 100 Magic Damage
- Fire Bolt: 100 Fire Damage
- Lightning Bolt: 100 Lightning Damage
- Dark Bolt: 100 Dark Damage
- Added homing to Dark Bolt.
- Poison Bolt: 70 Physical Damage
- Frost Bolt: 70 Physical Damage
- Draconic Bolt: 120 Physical Damage
- Adjusted purchase costs of arrows, greatarrows and bolts

# Spell Tools
- Spell Tools now provide different amounts of FP regen and the rate grows with reinforcement.
- Changed the spell tool dark/non-dark classification to now be expressed through the spell buff curve rather than a direct damage reduction. Essentially, 'dark' catalysts will reach 100% effectiveness of scaling for Dark, where as 'non-dark' catalysts only reach 80%.
- Removed the innate buffs for Black Flame and Abyssal Flame, this is now reflected through the new classification system.
- Archdeacon's Great Staff: can now cast all schools of magic, is acts as an upgrade to the Heretic's Staff. Increased spell buff to 290.
- Golden Ritual Spear: can now cast all schools of magic. No longer scales sorceries on FTH. Increased spell buff to 200. Has innate cast speed effect.
- Cleric's Candlestick: can now cast all schools of magic.
- Preacher's Right Arm: now increases equipment load by 20%
- Veiled Staff: reduces enemy sight by 10
- Veiled Talisman: reduces enemy sight by 10
- Veiled Flame: reduces enemy sight by 10
- Sacred Chime of Filianore: grants 2 HP regen
- Saint's Talisman: grants 2 HP regen
- Izalith Staff: reduces FP cost of pyromancies by 10%

# Armor
- The Poise stat now reflects the actual Poise durability granted by the armor piece. 
- Reduced the Catarina deflection to 25 (from 100).
- Removed the tiny amounts of Poise from most of the Light armours.
- Adjusted armor weight and poise.
- Millwood Knight Set: Increases HP regen by 6 [1, 2, 1, 2]

# Spells
- Increased Twisted Wall of Light duration to 5
- Changed Twisted Wall of Light cast animation to Farron Dart.
- Dark Hail damage changed to 220
- Black Fire Orb damage changed to 260
- Cascading Deep damage changed to 100
- Lightning Arrow FP cost to 25
- Reduced the distance of the Way of White Corona. This will make the return disc mechanic much easier to use.
- Reduced the distance of Halo and added the return disc mechanic. This makes it act more like a damage dealing wall around the player, which should provide more utility.
- Dark Blade now adjusts its buff with INT and FTH (not just FTH).
- Increased the speed of the Lightning Arrow animation considerably.
- Changed Singe, Deep Barb, Dark Touch, Lightning Bolt and Nibble cast animations back to the Farron Dart animation.
- Heal Aid: Heals 100 HP over 10 seconds. FP cost now 40.
- Heal: Heals 150 HP over 10 seconds. FP cost now 60.
- Med Heal: Heals 200 HP over 10 seconds. FP cost now 80.
- Great Heal: Heals 250 HP over 10 seconds. FP cost now 100.
- Soothing Sunlight: Heals 300 HP over 10 seconds. FP cost now 120.
- Projected Heal: Heals 200 HP over 10 seconds. FP cost now 80.
- Replenishment: Heals 300 HP over 60 seconds. 
- Bountiful Light: Heals 600 HP over 60 seconds. 
- Bountiful Sunlight: Heals 900 HP over 60 seconds.
- Unleash Magic is now a body buff.

# Items
- Ritual Spear Fragment now has D/D/D/D scaling and costs 50 FP to use.
- Divine Spear Fragment now has B/B/B/B scaling and costs 100 FP to use.
- Added Longbow to Shrine Handmaid.
- Added Wood Greatarrow to Shrine Handmaid.

# Rings
- Changed the icons for the rolling rings.
- Ring of Retaliation: Grants 150 Physical damage on rolling action.
- Ring of Reprisal: Grants 150 Magic damage on rolling action.
- Ring of Spite: Grants 150 Fire damage on rolling action.
- Ring of Retribution: Grants 150 Lightning damage on rolling action.
- Ring of Vengeance: Grants 150 Dark damage on rolling action.
- Renamed Emblem of Thorns to Band of Stone and gave it new icon.
- Added Band of Magic: increases Magic attack. (and NG+ variants)
- Added Band of Flame: increases Fire attack. (and NG+ variants)
- Added Band of Sparks: increases Lightning attack. (and NG+ variants)
- Added Band of Abyss: increases Dark attack. (and NG+ variants)
- Added Redeye Ring: increases enemy aggression. Sold by the Shrine Handmaid.
- Ring of the Exalted now has NG+ versions. You must complete the challenge in the requisite NG+ to receive them.

# Enemies
- Inquistor Ashford now uses Crystal Hail rather than Crystal Cascade
- Removed area scaling from the NPCs. This reduces their HP and damage.

# Grand Archives
- Added Band of Magic treasure (and NG+ variant treasures).

# Smouldering Lake
- Added Band of Flame treasure (and NG+ variant treasures).

# Archdragon Peak
- Added Band of Sparks treasure (and NG+ variant treasures).
- Moved the warp point used when the Nameless King is defeated to a safe location.

# Irithyll Dungeon
- Added Band of Abyss treasure (and NG+ variant treasures).
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