Changelog 1.43
# General
- HP Scale: {1:500, 20:1000, 40:1500, 60:2000, 99:4000}

# Spells
- Changed Crystal Hail damage to 200
- Changed Crystal Hail FP cost to 80
- Changed Orb of Judgment damage to 200
- Changed Orb of Judgment FP cost to 80
- Changed Floating Chaos damage to 200
- Changed Floating Chaos FP cost to 80
- Changed Devouring Swarm damage to 200
- Changed Devouring Swarm FP cost to 80
- Changed Cascading Deep damage to 200
- Changed Cascading Deep FP cost to 80
- Changed Dreg Torrent damage to 200
- Changed Dreg Torrent FP cost to 80
- Changed Dark Inferno damage to 200
- Changed Dark Inferno FP cost to 80
- Changed Recollection damage to 200
- Changed Recollection FP cost to 80
- Changed Mournful Flames damage to 300 [200]
- Changed Anguished Dregs damage to 300 [200]
- Changed Anguished Dregs FP cost to 100
- Changed Sunlight Barrage damage to 200
- Changed Earthfall damage to 200
- Changed Cataclysm damage to 200 [100]
- Changed Crystal Cascade damage to 200
- Changed Soul Stream damage to 150
- Increased the emitter rate for Crystal Hail
- Increased the bullet velocity for Crystal Hail
- Reduced the random xy angle for Recollection
- Increased amount of bullets emitted by Orb of Judgment
- Increased amount of bullets emitted by Floating Chaos
- Increased amount of bullets emitted by Crystal Hail
- Changed Dark Inferno to be an orb that travels forward, then emits black fire outwards.

# Weapons
- Veiled Staff and Talisman now use the ghost models for their visual look, rather than being totally invisible.

# Armor
- Leonhard Set now increases Intelligence.

# Items
- Soul of the Nameless King no longer transfuses into Lightning Storm and Dragon's Grasp
- Soul of Aldrich no longer transfuses into Surging Deep, Cascading and Writhing Deep
- Soul of the Twin Princes no longer transfuses into Blinding Light
- Soul of High Lord Wolnir no longer transfuses into Dark Dance, Recollection, Dark Inferno and Fool's Flame
- Soul of the Deacons no longer transfuses into Yearning Dregs, Dreg Torrent and Dreg Hail
- Soul of Midir no longer transfuses into Repel and Anguished Dregs
- Soul of Freide no longer transfuses into Mournful Flames
- Soul of the Deacons now transfuses into Anguished Dregs
- Soul of High Lord Wolnir now transfuses into Mournful Flames
- Divine Spear Fragment is usable anywhere.
- Ritual Spear Fragment is usable anywhere.

# Rings
- Added Old Pygmy Ring: found as treasure in Undead Settlement
- Added Ring of the Exalted: reward for completing a no death run after defeating the Soul of Cinder

# Enemies
- Reduced damage of a few of the NPCs in high scaling areas.
- Reduced defence and absorption of Havel.
- Giant Crystal Lizards in Untended Graves drop Titanite Scales with 50% drop rate.
- Increased Slave Knight Gael damage by 25%
- Increased Halflight damage by 50%
- Increased Midir damage by 25%
- Increased Demon Princes damage by 25%
- Increased Gravetender Greatwolf damage by 25%
- Increased Sister Friede damage by 40%
- Increased Soul of Cinder damage by 25%
- Increased Nameless King damage by 25%
- Increased Prince Lorian damage by 30%
- Increased Dragonslayer Armour damage by 25%
- Increased Oceiros damage by 25%
- Increased Dancer damage by 30%
- Increased Yhorm damage by 50%
- Increased Aldrich damage by 25%
- Increased Pontiff damage by 40%
- Increased Old Demon King fire damage by 50%
- Increased Abyss Watchers damage by 50%
- Changed Iudex Gundyr HP to 1500
- Changed Vordt HP to 2500

# Cathedral of the Deep
- Added Surging Deep treasure.
- Added Writhing Deep treasure.
- Added Yearning Dregs treasure.
- Added Dreg Torrent treasure.
- Added Dreg Hail treasure.

# Lothric Castle
- Added Blinding Light treasure.

# Anor Londo
- Added Cascading Deep treasure.
- Added Repel treasure.

# Catacombs of Carthus
- Added Dark Dance treasure.
- Added Dark Inferno treasure.
- Added Recollection treasure.
- Added Fool's Flame treasure.

# Profaned Capital
- Moved the Profaned Capital bonfire to the lower level of its original location.
- Moved Fester the Jester to the previous bonfire location.
- Added Gargoyle Helm treasure.

# Smouldering Lake
- Moved the Old King's Antechamber to the original location of the Demon Ruins bonfire.
- Moved Chaos Servant Eygor near to the entrance to the Old Demon King arena.

# Grand Archives
- Added Grand Archives Roof bonfire, found near to the Winged Knights on the rooftop.

# Archdragon Peak
- Increased the enemy density in the gauntlet area.
- Added Lightning Storm treasure.
- Added Titanite Slab treasure.
- Added Dragon's Grasp treasure.

# Undead Settlement
- Added Old Pygmy Ring treasure.
- Added Mask of Velka treasure.
- Added Velka's Rapier treasure.
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