Changelog 1.42
# Weapons
- Greatlance now uses original model.
- Dark spell tools now cast non-dark magic at a lower (75%) effectivensss.
- Drangleic Greatsword is now purely STR.
- Farron Greatsword now has its cut content Stomp WA.
- Onikiri and Ubadachi now has its cut content Stance WA.

# Spells
- Increased the damage of basic spells to account for defense reduction.
- Spells no longer cost stamina.
- Reduced spell FP costs.

# Items
- Oozing Pellets now last 5 minutes
- Cursed Pellets now last 5 minutes
- Reduced cost of Oozing Pellets to 100
- Reduced cost of Cursed Pellets to 200

# Cathedral of the Deep
- Added one-way warp point between Cathedral of the Deep and Irithyll of the Boreal Valley. Requires the defeat of the Deacons of the Deep.

# Archdragon Peak
- Moved Dragon Cultist Xeric to the courtyard near the Great Belfry
- Removed Nameless King bonfire.
- Redesigned the area beneath the Nameless King. It is now accessible from the Dragon-kin Mausoleum and acts as a gauntlet to get to the Great Belfry bonfire.
- Removed the respawning wyverns.
- Added 8 Giant Serpent-man to gauntlet area.
- Added 6 Serpent-man Summoners to gauntlet area.
- Added 6 Serpent-man to gauntlet area.
- Added Giant Serpent-man to wooden platform before Ancient Wyvern plunge point.

# Kiln of the First Flame
- Removed the Black Knights on the ascent to the Soul of Cinder
- Added 4 Black Knights in the Firelink Shrine area.

# Enemies
- Added Dragon Scales to Rock Lizard drop table. Increased the chance for any of its drops (Twinkling Titanite, Titanite Scale, Dragon Scale) to 25%

# Bugfixes
- Fixed Vileblood armor not showing on female characters.
- Fixed new armor not display correctly in the loadscreen.
- Spell boost rings will now all boost the physical damage spells as well.
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