Changelog 1.37
# General
- Changed Assassin class into Wayfarer (Luck/2H Weapon)
- Changed Gravetender class into Outcast (Dark Pyromancer)
- Adjusted Defence Scale: {1:0, 100:25, 200:50, 300:75, 400:100} from Soul Level
- Increased area scaling for damage in Ariandel.
- Removed the one-time crow trades. All the unique items have been distributed elsewhere. The repeatable Cinders trades remain.

# UI
- Added new icons by Boukou62.
- Added new icons by Reflectionist.

# Weapons
- Changed Heavy infusion Poise effect to +10 Poise damage
- Removed Light infusion poise reduction effect
- Moonlight Sword and Greatsword now use Dragon Scales for reinforcement.
- Added Drangleic Sword.
- Added Drangleic Greatsword.
- Added Sunlight Greatsword.
- Added Bluemoon Greatsword.
- Added Loch Shield.
- Adjusted damage of Battlestaves.
- Adjusted damage of Ciaran's Tracers.
- Adjusted poison and bleed inflict of Ciaran's Tracers.
- Valorheart has 100% Physical absorption block.
- Reduced Cleric's Candlestick max spell buff
- Changed Quarterstaff to Scythe moveset and WA to Warcry
- Changed Corvian Longstaff to Halberd moveset
- Changed Longstaff of Rosaria to Halberd moveset
- Changed Archdeacon's Longstaff to Halberd moveset
- Changed Heretic's Warstaff to Halberd moveset
- Changed Witch's Staff to Spear moveset
- Added new WA to Black Flame: Abyssal Grasp.
- Added new WA to Chaos Flame: Roar of Chaos.
- Added new WA to Holy Flame: Divine Retribution.
- Added new WA to Sorcerous Flame: Beckon Soul.
- Removed Torch.
- Renamed Follower Torch to Torch. Can now be infused.
- Adjusted animation speed of fist moveset

# Armor
- Catarina Armor now has hidden effect: 100% deflect chance on enemy hits.

# Enemies
- Adjusted the damage output of the new NPCs.
- Reduced the HP of new NPCs to more suitable amounts.
- Basilisks now drop Seed of a Giant Tree.
- Increased HP of Sister Friede.
- Increased the damage dealt by Bonewheel Skeletons massively.
- Increased the damage dealt by Black Knights.
- Increased the damage dealt by Boreal Outrider Knights.

- Giant Archer now gives you the Hawk Ring when you make peace.

# Spells
- Adjusted the FP cost of spells.
- Tightened the spread of the emitted bullets for Floating Chaos (and similar spells) so they are much more consistant at hitting smaller targets.
- Changed bleed inflict of Nibble to 50
- Changed damage of Gnaw to 150 and bleed inflict to 70
- Changed damage of Dorhys' Gnawing to 200 and bleed inflict to 90
- Changed damage of Ravenous Gnawing to 250 and bleed inflict to 110
- Changed damage of Voracious Gnawing to 300 and bleed inflict to 130
- Changed damage of Pursuing Soul to 160
- Changed damage of Great Pursuing Soul to 180
- Changed damage of Great Soul Dregs to 300
- Added dark pyromancy: Dark Touch
- Added dark pyromancy: Abyssal Surge
- Added dark pyromancy: Dark Inferno
- Added dark pyromancy: Dark Hail
- Added dark pyromancy: Dark Dance
- Added dark pyromancy: Recollection
- Added dark sorcery: Whisper of Despair
- Added dark sorcery: Repel
- Added dark sorcery: Numbness
- Added miracle: Perseverance
- Added sorcery: Soul Flash
- Added dark sorcery: Deep Barb.
- Added dark sorcery: Surging Deep.
- Added dark sorcery: Cascading Deep.
- Added dark sorcery: Dreg Hail.
- Added dark sorcery: Yearning Dregs.
- Added dark sorcery: Dreg Torrent.
- Added dark sorcery: Writhing Deep.

# Rings
- Adjusted several rings to make their NG bonus more potent, and increased their NG+ versions inline with this.
- Renamed Inscribed Rune to Mercenary Ring. Increased bonus to 10.
- Renamed Scrolls of the Augur to Heretic Ring. Increased bonus to 10.
- Renamed Banner of Tenacity to Merchant Ring. Increased bonus to 10.
- Renamed Emblem of Vitality to Physician Ring. Increased bonus to 10.
- Renamed Lucky Coin to Jester Ring. Increased bonus to 10.

# Items
- Added Flask of Magic: consumes 50 FP, grants 100% Magic absorption for 1.5 seconds.
- Added Flask of Fire: consumes 50 FP, grants 100% Fire absorption for 1.5 seconds.
- Added Flask of Lightning: consumes 50 FP, grants 100% Lightning absorption for 1.5 seconds.
- Added Flask of Abyss: consumes 50 FP, grants 100% Dark absorption for 1.5 seconds.
- Soul of Pontiff Sulyvahn can transfuse into Soul Barrage
- Soul of the Old Demon King can transfuse into Chaos Bed Vestiges
- Soul of the Demon Prince can transfuse into Cataclysm
- Wrath of the Gods is now found in vanilla location (Profaned Capital)
- Great Magic Barrier is now found in vanilla location (Archdragon Peak)

# Undead Settlement
- Added Deep Barb to Cleric Set location

# Irithyll of the Boreal Valley
- Added Flask of Magic treasure.

# Anor Londo
- Added Yorhska's Chime as a treasure near to NPC Yorshka.

# Road of Sacrifices
- Added Scholar Ring treasure.
- Removed added Black Knight.
- Added Drangleic Sword treasure.

# Farron Keep
- Added Knight's Ring treasure.
- Added Hunter's Ring treasure.
- Added Drangleic Greatsword treasure.

# Cathedral of the Deep
- Added Priestess Ring treasure.
- Added Perseverance treasure.
- Poisonbite Ring location is now Archdeacon's Bident
- Blessed Gem location is now Holy Flame

# Catacombs of Carthus
- Added Dark Touch treasure.
- Added Dark Hail treasure.

# Smouldering Lake
- Added Abyssal Surge treasure.
- Added Flask of Fire treasure.

# Profaned Capital
- Added Monstrosity of Sin.

# Lothric Castle
- Added Armor of the Sun set treasure.
- Added Lucatiel's Mask treasure.
- Added Porcine Shield treasure.

# Grand Archives
- Changed Scholar Ring treasure to Loch Shield.
- Changed Hunter's Ring treasure to Sunlight Greatsword.

# Archdragon Peak
- Added Flask of Lightning treasure.

# Dreg Heap
- Added Flask of Abyss treasure.

# The Ringed City
- Added Bluemoon Greatsword treasure.

# Bugfixes
- Fixed the flat Dark defence speffects (Catarina Set and Ordained Set) not functioning correctly.
- Tomb of the High Lord bonfire should now always be available, not just after High Lord Wolnir is defeated.
- Consumed King's Garden bonfire should now always be available, not just after Oceiros is defeated.
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