Changelog 1.36
# Script
- Rearchitectured the way the NG+, 1 time spawns and warps are handled to match FROM's method. This fixes the NG+ stuff properly and should have fixed the crashes my old looping method was probably causing.

# General
- Soul Level now provides flat defence (for all types): {1:0, 100:50, 200:100, 300:150, 400:200}
- Vigor HP Scale changed to: {1:500, 25:750, 40:1000, 80:2000, 99:3000}
- Changed Thief class into Samurai class.
- Changed Explorer class into Assassin class.
- Changed Sentinel class into Hunter class.
- Adjusted Knight class.
- Adjusted Gravetender class.

# UI
- Increased HP UI scaling value to 4000.

# Weapons
- Increased base damage of arrows and bolts.
- Adjusted bow and greatbow damage and scaling.
- Removed negative correction on rolling bow attacks.
- Adjusted Cleric's Candlestick base damage.
- Adjusted Tailbone Sword base damage.
- Adjusted Tailbone Club base damage.
- Adjusted Tailbone Pick base damage.
- Adjusted Dragon Tooth base damage.
- Adjusted Tailbone Spear base damage.
- Adjusted Chaos Flame: spell buff to 300, but scaling curve shifted much higher [This means you need high INT/FTH to reach 300].
- Added Logan's Staff: has spell buff of 300 with high scaling curve.
- Added Lord's Chime: has spell buff of 300 with high scaling curve.

# Armor
- Removed the bonus from wearing a set of armor. The individual bonuses on each piece will remain.
- Adjusted the strength of bonuses on individual pieces. The total bonus for a 'set' is higher, but the split is now 10% head, 50% body, 10% hands, 30% legs, where the % is of the total bonus.
- Adjusted the actual bonuses for various pieces.
- Added Harald Legion Helm.

# Rings
- Added Arcane Trinket: grants 2 attunement slots. Found in the Grand Archives.
- Added Londor Tincture: boosts all flat defences by 10%. Found in the Undead Settlement. Added + versions.
- Added Emblem of Thorns: adds 30 flat physical damage. Added + versions.

# Spells
- Adjusted Lightning Spear damage.
- Adjusted Great Lightning Spear damage.
- Adjusted Sunlight Spear damage.

# Enemies
- Adjusted strength of the new NPCs.

# Undead Settlement
- Added Londor Tincture treasure and NG+ version treasures.

# Lothric Castle
- Added Emblem of Thorns NG+ version treasures.
- Dominatrix Sharron now drops Emblem of Thorns.

# Grand Archives
- Added Lord's Chime treasure.
- Added Logan's Staff treasure.

# Bugfixes
- Fixed some NG+ treasures with bad event entity IDs.
- Fixed the Profaned Capital bonfire being disabled due to Fester the Jester being too close.
- Fixed Lothric War Banner bug. However, it will no longer buff allies, only yourself.
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