Bug Reports

You can report bugs either by joining the Cinders Discord or by editing this page (you need a Wikidot account to edit the page).

Before reporting a bug:

  • Not all bugs are caused by the mod, check if the bug you want to report is from vanilla first.
  • Check if the "bug" is really a bug, and not something the mod changed to be like that (search in the wiki or ask in Discord if you don't know about it).
  • Check if the bug has already been reported previously in the wiki or Discord (to do a search in Discord press ctrl+f while in the bug-reports channel, then enter the search keyword/s).
  • Make sure you are using the last playest version before reporting a bug.
  • If you are using one of the the Nexus releases, check first if the bug has been fixed in the current playtest, if it isn't then state your mod version with the report (to see the current playtest fixes and changes check the changelog here.
  • Provide as much information as possible about the circumstances around the bug (area where it happens, equipment you were using, does it happen always under the same conditions, etc.).
  • Do not report unhandled exception error or thanks for playing Cinders crashes unless they always happen under the same circumstances, in this case explain as much as possible the conditions around it.
  • Remember there is a plethora of bugs that can be fixed or not, just reporting a bug doesn't mean it will get fixed, there are cases were this is not possible.

Big Bugs

  • Most NPC questlines are broken at some point of their story.
  • Bosses randomly dying when getting invaded during co-op sessions/online.
  • Enemies not reacting to the player and standing until killed.
  • Synchro issues while playing in co-op (lag?)) https://discordapp.com/channels/634519927331749898/634520030998036500/704701405352427520
  • Weird area textures when loading an area (vanilla bug) https://discordapp.com/channels/634519927331749898/634520030998036500/709619278499938356
  • Aquamarine dagger run WA attack does not trigger when using the dashmaster's string.
  • Screen filled with random menu icons (vanilla bug).
  • Broken stairs in the cathedral of the deep after the first elevator-shortcut (vanilla bug).
  • Boss enemies not dying at the same time as their animation, disabling bonfires when it happens near them.
  • Icons for the mod covenants are blank.
  • Phantom players can obtain unique drops from defeated enemies.
  • Dashmaster's string restricts rolls to only back-left, forward-left, forward, forward-right and back-right while lock-on on an enemy.
  • Broken bonfire fog when using Devil's Trumpet https://discordapp.com/channels/634519927331749898/634520030998036500/710452755646644274.
  • The player does not correctly hold the Crypt Blacksword.
  • If you use the warp at the smouldering lake that gets you to the upper level with the ballista and then save/quit, then reload, you will appear at the entrance of the catacombs instead of next to the ballista.
  • Blocking with a left-handed weapon or shield while having the shiv equipped in the right hand breaks the block animation to a small hop, also happens when two-handing the shiv.
  • The AI of some companions break in certain areas, making them stand still when they detect a nearby enemy.
  • The Dark Wraith in Highwall ignore companions. Normally enemies in idle state (e.g. some Hollows) will be ignored by companions but will retaliate upon attacked, but not this Dark Wraith.
  • After reaching the broken bridge area in the catacombs yoel abruptly dies.
  • Using the ring of confusion in the lordran remnants boss arena makes it so that a metalic weapon sound can be heard at intervals a bit faster than once per second, the sound also moves around the place.
  • Ruin sentinel riposte animations are bugged.
  • Sidearms cost no fp if pressing L2 when a weapon skill shield is equipped in the right hand (also when nothing is equipped in it).
  • Removing the Fool's sigil doesn't do damage to the player.
  • Casting homing soulmass/homing crystal soulmass/wrathful orbs/affinity removes the fog from the curse of obscurity.
  • Using the buff from the Lothric War banner and using the stance from Great Lord Greatsword and transitioning to the normal attack string does damage to self (Looks like you set yourself on fire).
  • Siegward has no talk prompt after killing the demon in the settlement.
  • Siegward doesn't join the fight against yhorm at the end of his quest.
  • You can get stuck between the wagon and the stairs in the undead settlement https://discord.com/channels/634519927331749898/634520030998036500/839934165490729040
  • Wolnir becomes immune to aux effects after he wakes up.

Small Bugs

  • The rare ring of humanity not only prevents critical attacks against the player but it also prevents the player from performing backstabs and ripostes.
  • The boulder giant from CoA in irithyll uses the ball as a diaper during the attack were he grabs and crushes the floor with his hand.
  • After killing anri and horace in road of sacrifices, anri can't be summoned for the deacons boss fight while horace can be summoned.
  • Abyssal greatsword requires twice the amount of hits to proc the effects of the right/left eye rings (probably carthus beacon too?).
  • Some NPCs react to alluring skulls unlike the rest https://discord.com/channels/634519927331749898/634520030998036500/801124920653774918
  • Using Alter appearance with "Rosaria. Mother of Rebirth" makes the character keep the last Emblem item used even if removed with "Cleasing Potion", it also remains without armor.
  • Primordial demon clerics do much less damage than they should with their fire attacks.
  • The black knight at the bottom of the firekeeper tower does not appear when dropping down from the top.
  • Using the ring of confusion makes it possible to lock on npcs like the firekeeper, hawkwood, etc, while they aren't hostile.
  • Using elixirs after using the nullus insignia does not allow the elixir to take effect.
  • Performing a roll attack with a sidearm consumes FP without firing the sidearm.
  • When using firearms buffering your shots in any way will result in FP being spent but the shot will not be fired.
  • Using the tome to revive the twin princes "un-lits" the grand archives bonfire.
  • Sound effects of writs are not removed after using the cleansing potion.
  • Ashford invades at the very bottom of elevator near prince lothric and lorian https://discord.com/channels/634519927331749898/634520030998036500/826474197664399420
  • After finishing the game, the fire keeper keeps walking to the bonfire with the dialogue from when placing all the lords on their thrones.
  • Enraged Greatwolf immediately cancels the riposte animation after poise breaking him.
  • Using the binoculars while moving makes the character run as if using the dashmaster string.
  • The chest with the ring of retribution in archdragon peak can be looted without opening it.


  • The twin axe winged fatty in high wall has the lothric castle drops (slab/etc).
  • There are 2 hawkwood shields, one in the cemetery after he leaves firelink, the other at the same spot in the untended graves.
  • A second master key can be purchased in NG+, which gets sent to the storage.

Model Issues

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