Bonfires act as checkpoints in the game world. While resting at a bonfire you may fast-travel to any previously lit bonfire, attune spells or access your storage box among several other actions added in Cinders. The bonfire cannot be accessed when there are enemies nearby.

Resting at a bonfire has the following effects:


Used to warp to other Bonfires the player previously lit and the Memories.

Level Up

Allows the player to increase the character's Level at any Bonfire at the same Soul cost as it takes with the Fire Keeper.

Attune Spell

Allows the player to attune Spells into Attunement Slots.

Reinforce Weapon

Allows to Reinforce Weapons and Shields as long as the player has the required Titanite and Souls.

Enabling Wanderer or Mythic Modes will remove this option.

Infuse Weapon

Allows to Infuse Weapons, Shields and Spell Tools as long as the player has the required Infusion Materials and Souls.

Repair Equipment

Allows players to repair broken equipment at the cost of varying amounts of Souls.

Forge Item

Allows players to forge items in exchange of Souls. Lighting new bonfires unlocks new items to forge.

Default items

Item Souls
Ember 4,000
Lifegem 500
Throwing Knife 20
Firebomb 50
Set-up Firebomb 50
Prism Stone 10
Homeward Bone 500
Wood Arrow 10
Standard Arrow 25
Wood Greatarrow 100
Wood Bolt 10
Standard Bolt 25

Unlockable items by lighting bonfires

Required Bonfire Unlocks Souls
Firelink Shrine Shriving Stone 2,500
Lethal Gem 2,500
Sharp Gem 2,500
Blunt Gem 2,500
Foot of the High Wall Lucky Gem 2,500
Cliff Underside Repair Powder 1,000
Green Blossom 1,000
Dilapidated Bridge Large Arrow 100
Feather Arrow 50
Heavy Bolt 100
Sniper Bolt 50
Tower Basement Radiant Lifegem 800
Charcoal Pine Resin 500
Young White Branch 1,000
Pit of Hollows Alluring Skull 500
Halfway Fortress Poison Gem 2,500
Magical Essence 2,500
Purple Moss Clump 500
Blooming Purple Moss Clump 1,000
Poisonous Knife 120
Poison Arrow 200
Poison Bolt 200
Sage's Overlook Sorcerous Knife 120
Blue Bug Pellet 1,500
Enchanted Gem 2,500
Magic Bolt 250
Farron Keep Dung Pie 50
Stalk Dung Pie 50
Rotten Pine Resin 500
Mossfruit 1,500
Veloxi Moss 2,000
Cleansing Chapel Holy Water Urn 400
Undead Hunter Charm 500
Human Pine Resin 1,500
Cleansing Pendant 3,000
Scribe's Retreat Blessed Pine Resin 1,500
Rosaria's Bed Chamber Duel Charm 500
Catacombs of Carthus Bloodred Moss Clump 500
Lacerating Knife 120
Hexing Urn 500
Carthus Rouge 1,000
Inferi Petal 2,000
Blood Gem 2,500
Fire Arrow 250
Lacerating Arrow 200
Fire Bolt 250
Splintering Bolt 200
Abandoned Tomb Fire Gem 2,500
Old King's Antechamber Old Radiant Lifegem 2,000
Flaming Knife 120
Brightbug 30,000
Combustum Petal 2,000
Red Bug Pellet 1,000
Titanite Fragment 2,000
Demonic Greatarrow 500
Exploding Bolt 250
Central Irithyll Rime-blue Moss Clump 500
Frigid Knife 120
Frozen Pine Resin 500
Frost Gem 2,500
Magic Gem 2,500
Frost Arrow 200
Frost Bolt 200
Church of Yorshka Black Firebomb 300
Rope Black Firebomb 300
Distant Manor Throwing Frying Pan 100
Prison Tower Moonlight Arrow 250
Moonlight Greatarrow 500
Anor Londo Dragonslayer Greatarrow 500
Dragonslayer Lightning Arrow 500
Irithyll Dungeon Dried Root 6,000
Purging Stone 3,000
Abyssal Knife 120
Cursed Knife 120
Pale Pine Resin 1,000
Cursed Pine Resin 1,500
Black Bug Pellet 1,500
Vindicti Petal 2,000
Dark Gem 2,500
Dark Arrow 250
Corrupted Greatarrow 500
Dark Bolt 250
Profaned Capital Siegbräu 2,500
Rusted Coin 1,000
Rusted Gold Coin 3,000
Lothric Castle Witching Urn 300
Holy Gem 2,500
Onislayer Greatarrow 500
Untended Graves Curse Gem 2,500
Barathrum Petal 2,000
Grand Archives Divine Blessing 8,000
Hidden Blessing 8,000
Celeritas Stem 2,000
Archdragon Peak Lightning Gem 2,500
Lightning Arrow 250
Lightning Bolt 250
Great Belfry Sparking Knife 120
Lightning Urn 300
Gold Pine Resin 1,000
Yellow Bug Pellet 1,000
Draconic Arrow 500
Draconic Greatarrow 1,000
Draconic Bolt 500
Depths of the Painting Tarnished Coin 2,000
Cursed Tarnished Coin 4,000
Millwood Greatarrow 500
Earthen Peak Ruins Elizabeth Mushroom 4,000
Blackweed Balm 250
Goldenfruit Balm 250
Old Growth Balm 250
Vine Balm 250
Seed of a Giant Tree 5,000

Sacrifice Item

Allows players to sacrifice items to gain Souls.

Organize Storage Box

Used to safely store and retrieve the player's belongings.

Burn Undead Bone Shard

Only available at Firelink Shrine.

Burning Undead Bone Shards increases the amount of HP recovered by the Estus Flask.

List of Bonfires

Cemetery of Ash

High Wall of Lothric

Undead Settlement

Road of Sacrifices

Farron Keep

Cathedral of the Deep

Catacombs of Carthus

Smouldering Lake

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley

Anor Londo

Irithyll Dungeon

Profaned Capital

Lothric Castle

Consumed King's Garden

Untended Graves

Grand Archives

Archdragon Peak

Kiln of the First Flame

Painted World of Ariandel

The Dreg Heap

The Ringed City

Information here is accurate for version 2.15.

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