Shira's Set
Shira's Set
Shira's Crown
Shira's Armor
Shira's Gloves
Shira's Trousers
Total Weight 13.0
Total Poise 25.35
Physical Absorption
Total Physical Absorption 16.458
Total Strike Absorption 11.965
Total Slash Absorption 14.232
Total Thrust Absorption 13.103
Elemental Absorption
Total Magic Absorption 37.481
Total Fire Absorption 37.481
Total Lightning Absorption 37.481
Total Dark Absorption 27.993
Total Bleed Resistance 75
Total Poison Resistance 133
Total Frost Resistance 126
curse.png 147


Shira's Crown:

Crown of Shira, knight in service to Filianore.
Finely crafted with silver and fashioned with
a pearl from a Man Eater Shell.

Shira delivered the crucified mad king to a
darkroom, where she stayed, in her formal wear,
even though none would see her.

Shira's Armor:

Armor of Shira, knight in service to Filianore.
A rare women's piece from ancient times.

With a spun gold shawl draped over the silver
breastplate and a green woven skirt,
this armor offers a subdued yet refined elegance,
apropos to both a handmaiden of the Princess
and one whose veins coarse with royal blood.

Shira's Gloves:

Gloves of Shira, knight in service to Filianore.
Crafted with carthamin leather
and graced with brass buttons.

One article of Shira's knight garb.

Shira's Trousers:

Trousers of Shira,
knight in service to Filianore.
Made of carthamin leather boots
over a silk underlayer.

One article of Shira's knight garb.

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