Hexer Set
Hexer Set
Hexer's Hood
Hexer's Robes
Hexer's Gloves
Hexer's Boots
Total Weight 8
Total Poise 0
Physical Absorption
Total Physical Absorption 21.193
Total Strike Absorption 21.193
Total Slash Absorption 21.193
Total Thrust Absorption 21.193
Elemental Absorption
Total Magic Absorption 22.464
Total Fire Absorption 22.464
Total Lightning Absorption 15.211
Total Dark Absorption 51.325
Total Bleed Resistance 51
Total Poison Resistance 85
Total Frost Resistance 87
curse.png 130


General Information


Irithyll Dungeon - In a chest located in the cell where a Wretch is lying in ambush past a Crystal Lizard.



  • Increases casting speed by 20.

Front and Back

Male - Front and Back

Female - Front and Back

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