Winged Helm of Ridoh
Winged Helm of Ridoh
Winged Helm of Ridoh Image
Poise 10.5 Durability 36
Weight 4.5 Sell Price / Soul Value 1,000
Physical Elemental
Base Physical Defence 5.8 Magic Defence 6.4
Strike Defence 5.0 Fire Defence 6.4
Slash Defence 5.4 Lightning Defence 6.4
Thrust Defence 6.4 Dark Defence 6.4
Bleed Resistance 20 Frost Resistance 17
Poison Resistance 20 Curse Resistance 20


Helm of the infamous wanderer Ridoh.

Bitter rival of Hodir, he wanders the lands in search of the Elden Ring, seeking to gain its power for his own.

During winter nights, Ridoh will bellow into the darkness, shouting 'Oooooh… Elden Ring!' in a vain attempt to beckon the fabled artifact to him.

Effect: increases max Stamina by 5%.




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