Sunless Armor
Sunless Armor
Sunless Armor Image
Poise 12.0 Durability 36
Weight 6.0 Sell Price / Soul Value 500
Physical Elemental
Base Physical Defence 8.0 Magic Defence 17.5
Strike Defence 6.0 Fire Defence 14.0
Slash Defence 7.0 Lightning Defence 12.5
Thrust Defence 6.5 Dark Defence 16.5
Bleed Resistance 43 Frost Resistance 33
Poison Resistance 25 Curse Resistance 37


Attire of a knight from the Sunless Realms, known for their resistance to both magic and the dark.

Metal plating and chainmail, treated with silver.

Sunless Knights serve the nameless moon, and
perhaps it is for this reason the attire casts
a feminine silhouette.


  • Increases max FP by 4%.


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