Ringed Knight Hood
Ringed Knight Hood
Ringed Knight Hood Image
Poise 11.4 Durability 22
Weight 5.4 Sell Price / Soul Value 600
Physical Elemental
Base Physical Defence 6.6 Magic Defence 5.6
Strike Defence 5.8 Fire Defence 7.0
Slash Defence 6.2 Lightning Defence 5.6
Thrust Defence 6.0 Dark Defence 5.0
Bleed Resistance 12 Frost Resistance 14
Poison Resistance 18 Curse Resistance 33


The hood of the Ringed Knights.

These knights don Abyss-tainted black cloth,
with layer upon layer hiding their eyes.

This was nothing less than an attempt to reveal
that which the seal of fire has occluded,
a subtle defiance of the gods' wishes.

Effect: increases Fire damage by 5%.



Item drop

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