Pale Shade Gloves
Pale Shade Gloves
Pale Shade Gloves Image
Poise 2.2 Durability 21
Weight 1.3 Sell Price / Soul Value 100
Physical Elemental
Base Physical Defence 1.3 Magic Defence 6.0
Strike Defence 0.7 Fire Defence 5.3
Slash Defence 1.1 Lightning Defence 4.9
Thrust Defence 0.9 Dark Defence 4.9
Bleed Resistance 9 Frost Resistance 8
Poison Resistance 17 Curse Resistance 21


Outfit worn by those who kill
in the name of the Sable Church of Londor.

The Pale Shades of the Sable Church are all
undying Hollows, giving rise to much fear and contempt.

Their fight is one of neither honor nor exaltation,
yielding nothing but withered moans.



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