Mirror Knight Helm
Mirror Knight Helm
Mirror Knight Helm Image
Poise 14.0 Durability 45
Weight 7.9 Sell Price / Soul Value 600
Physical Elemental
Base Physical Defence 8.4 Magic Defence 7.0
Strike Defence 7.6 Fire Defence 7.0
Slash Defence 8.0 Lightning Defence 10.0
Thrust Defence 7.8 Dark Defence 7.0
Bleed Resistance 29 Frost Resistance 30
Poison Resistance 26 Curse Resistance 16


Mask worn by the Mirror Knight.
Made of metal, but has high lightning defense.

Those who wish to serve the king as loyal warriors must take the King's Passage and face the Mirror Knight.

Those who fail the test are sacrificed by the merciless specular monstrosity.



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