Lord's Blade Robe
Lord's Blade Robe
Lord's Blade Robe Image
Poise 28.8 Durability 40
Weight 12.8 Sell Price / Soul Value 500
Physical Elemental
Base Physical Defence 15.0 Magic Defence 17.5
Strike Defence 130 Fire Defence 17.5
Slash Defence 14.0 Lightning Defence 17.5
Thrust Defence 13.5 Dark Defence 14.0
Bleed Resistance 63 Frost Resistance 51
Poison Resistance 46 Curse Resistance 35


Robe of the Lord's Blade Ciaran, one of Gwyn's Four Knights.

A robe common to all of the Lord's Blades, These deadly women shift nimbly between layers of darkness, etching streaks of gold into the night air, and planting visions of terror into the minds of their targets.



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