Heide Knight Chainmail
Heide Knight Chainmail
Heide Knight Chainmail Image
Poise 33.6 Durability 41
Weight 17.6 Sell Price / Soul Value 500
Physical Elemental
Base Physical Defence 18.5 Magic Defence 14.0
Strike Defence 16.5 Fire Defence 14.0
Slash Defence 17.5 Lightning Defence 20.0
Thrust Defence 17.0 Dark Defence 17.5
Bleed Resistance 58 Frost Resistance 39
Poison Resistance 42 Curse Resistance 39


Chainmail worn by Heide Knights.

Whether Heide refers to the kingdom or was just a name for the land is not clear, for no records date back far enough to tell.

All that is known is that the Way of Blue has its origins in Heide, and that Heide was later subsumed by the sea.



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