Havel's Armor
Havel's Armor
Havel's Armor Image
Poise 34 Durability 50
Weight 21 Sell Price / Soul Value 500
Physical Elemental
Base Physical Defence 33 Magic Defence 32.5
Strike Defence 28 Fire Defence 30
Slash Defence 33 Lightning Defence 5
Thrust Defence 33 Dark Defence 20
Bleed Resistance 72 Frost Resistance 69
Poison Resistance 69 Curse Resistance 61


Armor as if hewn from a giant boulder, Highly protective, but excessively heavy.

The warriors who followed Havel the Rock never flinched, nor retreated from battle, crushing any foe that stood in their way.


  • Increases Physical defence by 25.
  • Reduces stamina recovery by 10.


Kill Havel, or the Havel Knight, in Archdragon peak on the roof, next to a dead dragon, then head to Old Wolf of Farron Bonfire, and up to where the stray demon is located. Havel's Set will be located there.

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